Leftie blogdom heartbroken

Bill O’Reilly’s much-hyped enemies list is now online. He chose (now steady yourself before reading this List of Evil)

The New York Daily News
The St. Petersburg Times (is this the one in Florida or the one in Russia???)

Yup, that’s it. Those are his Scary Monsters. No socialists, anarchists, or jihadists, just three tepid liberal media organizations. The list is so small and so bizarre that, well, – I could try to understand his mind, but that seems a tiny, narrow place – it’s a serious letdown, is what it is. No storm and thunder. Just three little squeaks.

Immediately howls of anguish have arisen from Leftie blogdom. How could he NOT include me, the great unwashed hordes of leftist rabble bloggers are moaning (when we’re not IM’ing bin Laden, that is.) "We must do better" is the new rallying cry.

Leftie blogs: Our mission is clear. Let’s really annoy Bill and thus earn a coveted place on his enemies list.