How smart is Murtha?

This neatly explains something I’ve been thinking about too. Murtha may have been working with the Pentagon in calling to end the war.

Just got to thinking, that if, in fact, John Murtha is as wired into the military as has been reported, then he must’ve known that the military was drawing up plans for a troop reduction. If that’s the case, his sudden announcement for redeployment takes on a whole new set of possible motivations.

Was he out front, trying to create public pressure to support Gen. Casey’s hopes for withdrawal? Acting genuinely in concert with his military contacts to create political ground to help them push their plan?

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However I don’t think the US ruling class will willingly leave Iraq. It’s not like Vietnam where there were no particular resources to plunder. Iraq is different. They want control over the oil and dominance over the region. This has been a goal of US foreign policy for decades regardless of which party was in power. They only way they will leave is if they lose the war. Which of course is precisely what’s happening.