Corporate greed over public welfare

The battle to keep water non-privatized is worldwide. And it’s always large banks, especially The World Bank and their allies, who want to force countries to privatize.

From the Philippines Sun Star

I believe, and so as the majority of water consumers all over the world, that w ater is a human right. This is the reason why water distribution companies is classified as public utilities because government agencies monitor their operations and regulate their rates and charges to consumers.

But the privatization program of international financial institutions like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is pushing the services sector to corporate hands that are profit driven. So the civil society in Asia-Pacific region are clamoring against privatization of water services and condemns the detrimental impact ADB’s involvements in the water sector.

2 thoughts on “Corporate greed over public welfare

  1. The ground is being prepared for control of the world’s water resources. It is obvious that the water wars are on the horizon. To avoid the same slaughter that came with the oil wars we have to work now to stop the privatisation of water where ever it is being pushed and that is almost everywhere. We should be battling now to keep water a public utility rather than see it develope into a nation state war for resources.

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