The Gang That Couldn’t Keep Their Lies Straight

Sue in email to a friend re Bush threatening to bomb al-Jazeera.

Bob finds it mind-boggling that they can’t get their stories straight. It’s so obvious, Blair saying ‘publish and be damned,’ and Bush saying ‘damn it, there’s nothing to publish.’ Essentially they’ve confirmed the “outlandish” rumor by suppressing it. I love when they shoot themselves with their own weapons of mass distraction. It’s *so* stupid, I wonder if there might be something else damning in the memo — it does run to five pages, after all. Lots of paper with which to build an obituary.



  1. Bob,

    The latest version of the blog is publishing in a white font on a white background. In other words, the posts are invisible except for punctuation. I could only read after copyng and pasting into another app.

  2. Hmmm, is it ok now?

  3. Still isn’t, I am using Mozilla 1.7.8 on Linux, and it doesn’t want to show the text. The problem is probably in the class “storycontent” Since that is referred to right before the main story text is entered.

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