Save Tookie Rally audio

Breakdown FM: Save Tookie Rally at San Quentin on Nov. 19, w/ Snoop Dogg, Fred Hampton Jr, T-Kash & Ex-Gangbangers

When Snoop spoke he explained how Tookie’s turnaround about 10-11 years ago inspired him to re-examine his life and step things up. He noted that the biggest change came when Snoop started a football league for young people.He said that Tookie inspired him to reach out and be more real with people and to move onto higher ground. It should be noted that Snoop was the main architect behind the the West Coast peace Summit held earlier this year.

Fred Hampton Jr of the POCC reminded the crowd that San Quentin is the place where they killed political prisoner George Jackson and that the irony of the crowd coming to prevent the execution of a peace maker should not be lost on folks. He noted that the system is out to get us all no matter what we do and the best way to combat it is through organized resistanceâ┚¬Â¦