Gospel and granola helping Katrina survivors

A group of evangelicals were helping Katrina survivors in Mississippi. They were overwhelmed and understaffed. Then, busloads of Rainbow Family hippies arrived, and joined in.

Much to the astonishment of all, everyone got on fine.

"We are Methodists, Episcopalians and Baptists, along with various and sundry other Christian groups," said Fay Jones, an organizer of the Bastrop (Texas) Ministerial Alliance. "Did we ever think we would have such a wonderful relationship with hippies? No."

Siemon said he would be returning to his organic farm with far more than he brought to Waveland.

"What have I gained from this? Everything," he said. "I’ve gained the experience of working with other humans in a wall-less, prejudice-less environment where the sole purpose is to help other humanity.

"That’s something not many people get to do.

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