Iraqis want withdrawal timetable

For the first time, Iraq’s political factions on Monday collectively called for a timetable for withdrawal of foreign forces, in a moment of consensus that comes as the Bush administration battles pressure at home to commit to a pullout schedule.


  1. They also put this out in the same statement.

    “Though resistance is a legitimate right for all people, terrorism does not represent resistance. Therefore, we condemn terrorism and acts of violence, killing and kidnapping targeting Iraqi citizens and humanitarian, civil, government institutions, national resources and houses of worships,” the document said.

    That sounds to me like not only do they want US out, but they also are calling attacks on US troops a “legitimate right.”

    They don’t want us there. The majority of Americans don’t want us there. So, why exactly are we there?


  2. Hooray! Remember when Bush said we would go when they asked us to go? He’ll forget that, of course.

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