Podcast: Richard Becker. Is Syria next?

Richard Becker, west coast organizer of the ANSWER Coalition and PSL leader, spoke at a PSL Forum in LA last night on US attempts at, and plans for, regime change in Syria.

He details the history of colonialization and imperialism in the Middle East starting with World War I, and how hegemony over that area has been a primary goal of US foreign policy for decades, regardless of which party is in power.

All of which is quite relevant today, at a time when ranking Democrats (and some Republicans) are finally opposing the war. Yet, he explains, they aren’t opposing it on moral grounds, heaven forbid. Rather, they are opposing it because it has been a failure, because the US is losing. And that is splitting the ruling class.

The neocons are getting desperate. They may, like cornered rats, try to destablize Syria to buy time and show a success. Look for reports of "terrorists inside Syria", that’ll be the tell.

Oh, the first use of poison gas on civilians was against the Kurds in 1925 and was ordered by Winston Churchill. This history of imperialism (and resistance) goes back for decades.  

MP3 (47:22, 16.2 MB)

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