“Thirst”: Documentary on global resistance to water privatization

From PBS

The world is poised on the brink of epochal changes in how water is stored, used, and valued. Will these changes provide clean water to the billions of people who need it? Or save the child who dies every eight seconds from contaminated water? Examining water conflicts on three continents, "Thirst" shows that popular opposition to the privatization of water sparks remarkable coalitions that cross partisan lines. When it comes to water, many people demand local control and fear the arrival of multinational corporations with large lobbying budgets and little local loyalty.

The battle to stop water privatization is worldwide, and is happening in US cities as well as in the third-world.

The website for the movie, ThirstTheMovie.org, sums it up in one sentence.

Is water a human right or a commodity to be bought and sold in a global marketplace?

Unless you believe multinational corporations will altruistically put the needs of water consumers before their lust for profits (in which case I have a nice bridge for sale) then it behooves us all to keep water in public hands and out of their grasping little hands.

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