Podcast. Creó. Hurricane Katrina. A Polizeros exclusive.

Creó and his brother Derrick are Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans. They lost just about everything but some clothes. FEMA was worse than useless.

Derrick spoke about this racist, utterly inadequate response by the goverment at the recent ANSWER LA War and Racism Forum.

Creó is a hip hop artist and just completed the final mix of "Hurricane Katrina", presented here for the first time on the web (and with his permission.)

mp3 (4:45, 1.7 mb)

 Creó performing Hurricane Katrina

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  1. 12 Consejos en una catastrofe por James Nolan . Son las conclusiones de este escritor de New Orlenans después de pasar el Katrina, y especialmente de estar en una situación límite sin atención de las autoridades. A todos nos puede servir, ya que no sabemos que nos puede pasar, y sobre todo donde nos puede “pillar” una catastrofe.

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