US dinosaur car makers

Car sales this Oct compared to last Oct.
GM       252,207     -25.6%
Ford     184,493     -26.1%
Toyota  173,086      +1.3%

Ford said sales of its Navigator, Explorer and Expedition SUVs all dropped by more than half from the previous October.

Fuel-efficient hybrids, meanwhile, continued to show solid gains. Sales of hybrid vehicles at Toyota more than doubled in October to nearly 14,000 — more than the number posted by the company’s Lexus car.

I own a 2001 Toyota Prius hybrid. I think they only made 22,000 of them for the entire year, now they sell more than that in two months. If you build the right car, the buyers will come.

Sign of the times: There’s a car lot near our home that sells cars that have been repo’ed. Whenever we drive past there’s always lots of giant SUVs and the occasional Hummer in their showroom window.

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