1. There is no reason not to vote YES on 73, 74, 75, 76,
    and 77. This is a chance to start fixing California.
    Quit listening to the socialist bullshit of the
    mainstream media. Read the props and you will see that
    voting YES is the most inteligent decision.

  2. i like the way both sides stage is set to get me@everybody talking,
    fiqures&timing hollywood war paint-
    at times and places you speak up about 73, 74, 75, 76,
    and 77 all you do is hurt someone because they have set the stage-
    they know you can`t help just poor people! if you want your`ll just break the law-
    you complaint about a free meal to a kid and the waring sides will let you feel the pain
    of dead beat parents across the board- they both have fiqures after figures & charts to throw at you
    during the course of their running for office or during
    their term. the fiqures thrown out by clinton and bush over the years makes me feel real bad when
    i say no to our elected and needed public- nothing belongs to you and don`t set the stage to say you have a right to it
    or the right to spread it out-
    i heard a sub topic of six billion by a elected offical today-
    who in their right mind votes for people who play you
    that thats what the others side is causing.
    california over spends 6 billion! that their problem not us clifornia public.

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