Podcast: Keisha Brunston.

From the ANSWER LA War and Racism Forum, 10/29/05. Pt. 2 of 3.

Keisha Brunston is a relative of Deandre Brunston. He was shot 22 times by Compton Police while being attacked by a police dog They said he had a gun. He didn’t. The dog, who was also shot, was flown by helicopter to a hospital while they let Deandre die in the street. She has dedicated her life to fighting this appalling injustice.

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  1. i just want to let this family know they have my sympathy. i have watched the video of this injustice over and over and still i cant believe what i am seeing. please believe me i have been in a similar situation, never been in trouble, scared and confused, i actually had a gun, but i put it down before i walked outside, thank god. in no way do i condone mine or this young mans actions but in this day and age with all the “non lethal” ways to end a stand off, this was just cold blooded murder. and to see them more concerned for a dog than the human life they just took is just sickening. my prayers are with you and i hope justice is served.

  2. I saw this video too. He told the police he had a gun, over and ocer. He said he would shoot them, even if they used a bean-bag on him. “If a bean-bag hits me, I’m gonna start shooting at you… I have a gun in my right hand… I have a clip with 13 rounds… I can shoot you before I go down…” Then he pulled out his fake ‘gun’ as if to shoot, and was cut down. I wonder why the police thought he might be armed?

  3. I’ve watched the vid many times and I’ve read quite a few articles on this.IMO huge mistakes made on “both” sides.The deputys

  4. This is not an outrage of police killing an innocent
    person. The male said he had a gun, he would shot
    police. He stated he had a murder rap over his head
    and was not going to jail again. Being shot 22 times
    I don’t think the bleeding is what killed him. I
    think it was the 22 bullets. The police have a tough
    job. What would society be without police (only the
    strong survive). This is an outrage to blame the
    police for this guys stupidity.

  5. I watched this video several times. This wasn’t an “injustice” cop killer shooting.
    This young man said over and over again that he had a gun and would shoot the cops, would shoot the police dog if it was released, had 13 rounds in his gun………
    When the dog was released and the man stood to respond, the cops didn’t really have a choice but to take him down. How many cops should they have risked being shot before finding out if this man’s long diatribe about having a gun and shooting them was real – not to mention the risk to any innocent bystanders if he was allowed to use the weapon he claimed to have?
    When you’re confronted by cops who tell you to give up, you put your hands behind your head, lay down and give up. The police had no choice but to take this guy at his word that he intended to shoot them if they moved in.
    I’m just sorry the dog was caught in the shooting.

    Plenty of legitimate wrongful shootings in this country by police to get all worked up about one – with video evidence – that was clearly following protocol.

    How dumb! Don’t tell cops you have a gun and are going to shoot them, unless you do have a gun and intend to have them shoot you.

  6. My sympathies to the family. There was relatively calm dialogue between Deandre and the police, then suddenly the police MADE THE DECISION TO ESCALATE and assume a more aggressive attitude. Deandre’s talk got a little bolder in response, and someone released the hounds. The police need to figure out a way to return to their core mission of protecting the people’s lives and liberties — without all this militaristic aggression and instant criminalizing of everyone who isn’t in uniform.

  7. I pray for this family who had to go thorugh this, I also Pray For all the people filled with hate and evil spirits in their hearts who comment without a taste for when someday they too will face death!! And How will it be when you meet Fear in the face? easy to make comments when you’re at ease Huh? But When will Death knock on your doors? You may blow my statement off for now, However the truth remains that we all must die and meet our maker beit throught a car Reck? Killed? Sickness? Being Robbed? Raped? Or just Killed out of random..Be careful to judge people because you too will face something in life..I jus don’t get it? people walk around this earth like they have eternal Life or something! treating people any kind of way, Acting like you’re God over someone, Making bold carless statements when the truth is you’re nothing but Dust, Ashes skin and bones to which a heart beats that don’t hold up very well over time, I mean almost anything can take us out this life and yet people start to believe their own Lies made up in your head..Get it together people before your time card is pulled and you find yourself in ‘HELL’ But again I understand that Man will continue to be the Beast that he is without regard because my Bible tells me So…..Grace and Peace

  8. first and foremost this guy was wrong from the second he started saying he had a gun, or maybe it was before that when he beat up his girlfriend and forced her to call 911. this guy was obviously yer typical compton degenerate…no job,livin on welfare, commiting crime and beating up women. he deserved what he got.dont make it a race issue either, because its not there are plenty of white trash criminal degenerates also that get shot over the same thing. on the other hand, as an iraq combat veteran with multiple deployments, i have to say im quite disappointed with the firearms discipline of the deputys on scene. i have been in far worse situations and seen soldiers between the ages of 17and 26 show more weapons discipline than these deputys ex: possitive target i.d., not aimlessly shooting just because yer fellow soldier or officer is shooting. only 4 or 5 deputys at the most should have discharged thier weapons, given the fact that a target is harder to hit with a pistol. the firing continued too long after the suspect was down,…very sloppy.it shows an amount of fear, which is what causes ”trigger happy” syndrome on the part of the deputys that wouldnt exist if the training was more intense regarding escalation of force and firearms accuracy.the police really should look to the military on how to train a police officer to overcome these fears and maintain clarity and remain calm during a gunfight. in my opinion the deputys wasted too many bullets on this guy, and the rest of the sloppily shot rounds did nothing but endanger innocent civilians.

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