Tribal war inna Babylon

The Libby indictments have been filed. BushCo has this and many other things to worry about, such as the DeLay indictments, Frist’s stock profits, Miers’ withdrawal, plummeting support for the war, as well as their dismal poll numbers.

There’s a war in the ruling class now. Well, sort of, at least. Congressional Democrats are conspicious by their absence, missing in action as usual. When will they actually stand for something? Polls show that while people increasingly distrust the Republican Party, that this hasn’t converted into increased support for Democrats. The reason for this isn’t difficult to fathom. The Dems have no real platform, and offer no real alternative.

All the various scandals and indictments aren’t about anything basic, like the insanity of the war(s), the continued attempts by both parties to destroy the social safety nets created in the 30’s, or an imperialistic foriegn policy that continues to invade countries, consequences be damned.

None of this is being discussed, And it needs to be. The way to do that is to mobilize, get in the streets, force them to listen and act. It’s happened before. It’ll happen again. I expect that their will be a populist uprising soon, especially in the hurricane areas, as people devastated by those storms realize the government isn’t really helping much. That’ll be an organizing opportunity for those of us who want real, structural change in the country.

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  1. real platform!
    structural change in this country?

    Please tell me where future safty nets would come from?
    i like reading this web site and i do care but the only
    real advice that could be given is staying away from
    my fellow country men and women –
    america is a total loser and linking together in the streets
    and electing present and future oil company employees is
    not a cure for your loser amercia. and if you got time because i don`t
    i could tell you what else i have to say about america at present.

    What i really get a kick out of is a HAliburton parking lot attendent
    accepting Libby’s resignation-
    and got inform when the rest of the CIA and Haliburton $ Lawyers Association
    personel showed up on fox news msnbc etc to comment-

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