Fitzgerald press conference

What an anti-climax. Nothing new was revealed, with Fitzgerald utterly close-mouthed about what is coming next, if anything.

Still, if Libby thinks he’s facing prison, then he may sing. He was Chief of Staff to VP Cheney and thus no doubt has much he could sing about. And the prospect of that must make Rove and Cheney nervous indeed. Bush too.

Pre-trial costs for federal trials like this will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. If it goes to trial, then it could cost Libby in the seven figures.

Incidentally, a lawyer familiar with federal court once told me, if you’re a defendant in federal court, you’re screwed, noting that federal prosecuters often have 90% conviction rates because the rules are stacked against the defendant.

Will Libby, who is facing huge expenses and possible prison, roll over and tell prosecutors all he knows? I’m not saying it will happen, only that it could.

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  1. Libby can sing a greater repetoire than people might be imagining.

    He’s BOTH the Veep’s Chief of Staff, AND Special Assistant to the *President.*

    Very bad, for the White House. And a pardon… well… STENCH.

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