Typepad growth woes

From Dave Winer, formerly of Radio Userland, on Typepad having serious performance problems of late.

Science, art, voodoo and luck.

Ben and Mena Trott explain why they’re having performance trouble on their Typepad service. Maybe our theory about putting the content management on the workstation wasn’t so bad after all. That’s the approach Radio took in 2002. After a while it became clear people preferred to have someone else manage the content management for them.

I’m sure SixApart will get the problems sorted out, but no one should underestimate how hard it is to keep a service like TypePad running as it’s growing. I sure don’t, having lived with EditThisPage.com and Weblogs.com. Scaling is a science, an art, voodoo, and more than a little luck, as Ben’s story reveals.

As detailed in the following post, the drawback with having the content on the workstation is that you are then tied to blogging from a particular PC rather than from any PC with net access.

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