The planet IS an ark

With heavy weather upon us and even boring, established news conduits like CNN talking apocalypse, we consulted the Viridian Pope-Emperor, WorldChanging ally #1 Bruce Sterling, to get his take as he was leaving for Europe and Art Futura.

With Arctic ice melting and the worst hurricane season in recorded history, are we past the point where mitigation of global climate change is going to have much of an effect?

The climate crimes we’ve already committed aren’t much compared to what’s coming down the pipe. It’s pretty cynical to write off mitigation when we haven’t as yet even tried it. It may well be that the roof is on fire, but that doesn’t make it good policy to chop up the walls and floors and add them to the blaze.

Should we be building an ark or two?

The planet IS an ark.

Where do you propose to hide or construct such a thing? There’s no place to hide from the sky.

Bruce Sterling is the Pope-Emperor of Viridian Design a design movement about global warming. I’ve been a member since Day One.

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