The old blog is here (mostly)

Polizeros was published on the Radio Userland platform from 2002 to Oct. 21 2005. Polizeros now uses the WordPress platform. There is no easy way (or even a difficult way!) to import Radio Userland posts into WordPress, so I published the entire Radio Userland blog to a folder here on the new site.

Click to view the archive.

Update: During the publish process a few links got broken, primarily images in individual posts. I’ll be fixing them as needed. Ditto for some of the permalinks.

Other than that, the entire Radio Userland archive of Polizeros is now online!

(And I never ever want to do this process again! I’m a seasoned programmer/geek, and republishing Radio to a different folder than it was published to originally broke all sorts of links that I spent most of the day fixing. In fairness, Radio also discovered it had made errors and fixed many of them itself the second time around. Confused? Yes, so was I. However, all’s well that ends well.)


  1. Cool. it looks nice.

    Except for the Comic Sans headers. Are you sure you want those? Comic Sans is a capitalist font and the people who use it will be First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes…

  2. Tahoma it is, just changed it!

    BTW, with Firefox, I can view the site in one tab, while using the Fire FTP plug-in in another tab to upload the theme changes. This makes uploading and viewing changes simple and easy.

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