WordPress help needed

The theme I’m using, a modified verson of sharepointlike, has, as you’ve no doubt noticed, has some words in Russian, like “categories” and “comments.”

The Russian doesn’t appear to be in the PHP or CSS code, so I’m guessing it’s a system setting. Anyone know how to set it to English?


  1. Hey there! Last week I had to translate a WP Theme, parishuddha, to Spanish. I basically went through each PHP file looking for *displayed* text in English, for example, whenever I found the word “Comments”, I changed it to “Comentarios”, and so on.

    You can go to the /wp-admin URL (in your case it would be http://www.polizeros.com/wp-admin) and under presentation you can choose the active theme (you probably know this already, since you’ve installed this theme). Its kinda weird that these words are not in the PHP files themselves. In my experience these words were in the files themselves.

    I’m trying to download this sharepointlike theme but no luck so far. I’m writing you an email with a couple more tips, I hope they help you in some way.


  2. Finally figured it out!

    The php code had hardcoded Bulgarian words in it using ambersand/hash mark followed by a four digit number. This is what rendered the Bulgarian words. So, by determining what I wanted it to say by where it was in the code, I just changed it to regular English.

    I’d show a code example, but it doesn’t render as code in the comments.

    A search for the words in the code was pointless because the words weren’t there!

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