March 19 march and rally in L.A.

Podcast. Ron “Born on the Fourth of July” Kovic speaks at the rally. (mp3. 6:25 min. 2.2 MB.)

It was a long, worthwhile day. I was at the ANSWER office at 8:30 am to help load the trucks, then it was 9 hours of flat out non-stop activity. Thousands of people came despite the rain, and it was a loud, enthusiastic crowd.

I drove the lead truck, the large flat-bed truck that leads the march. The truck has sound equipment, microphones, and people leading chants. Unlike previous marches when I drove the lead truck, this truck had an stick shift, not an automatic, plus it had air brakes. Which led to a bit of a bouncy ride for those standing on the flat-bed. Air brakes can be a bit jerky until you figure out how they operate, and I was learning as I pulled the truck out.


Ron “Born on the Fourth of July” Kovic gave his usual impassioned amazing speech filled with hope. Hip hop artist Wil B., heavy alt rock band Conspiracy of Thought, and the Freedom People, a new group containing The Believers and others played. They are all hard core political and excellent musicians.

We did good. I’m exhausted. Later!

PS “Iraq Veterans Against the War” says it all, doesn’t it?

Also, the audio on the Ron Kovic podcast is staticy and could use cleaning up. I’m no expert. Any audio experts out there?  

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