Hollywood March to CNN

Tim Robbin, Susan Sarandon, Eddie Vedder, and Pedro Almodovar spoke.

The Hollywood March to CNN was excellent. Why CNN? Tim Robbins (above) explained it perfectly. He said he was at the huge march in London two months ago. The BBS initially reported it as 500,000 people. CNN then claimed it was 150,000. A few hours later, the London Police called the organizers and said it was at least one million. What did CNN do? They “reported” it as 500,000 – 50% less than the police estimate. And that’s why we marched to CNN, and rallied in front of their building. To demand they stop their sorry excuse for reporting and their scarely concealed cheerleading for the war. Hey, I remember when CNN was known for serious investigative reporting, but sadly, those days are long gone. Here’s a few more photos. I posted more photos on la.indymedia.org.

The reason I got such close-ups is because I pushed the portable ANSWER sound system, and thus ended up near the speakers.

Susan Sarandon

Eddie Vedder

Pedro Almodovar

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  1. […] I’m getting hunderds if not thousands of hits for the photo, so here it is again. I took it an an ANSWER LA antiwar street corner demo at the CNN Building in Hollywood on March 22, 2003. Sarandon, Eddie Vedder, Tim Robbins, and Pedro Almodovar walked and asked if they could talk. You betcha. Here’s all four photos. So, here’s she is again. […]

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