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Jahongir Sidikov’s deportation postponed

So now there’s still some time to fight it, even as the British government makes clear their policy of deporting dissidents to Uzbekistan if they don’t qualify for asylum – knowing full well they will be tortured upon their return. The process was fast-tracked, which means evidence was ignored and defense had but a week […]

Jahongir Sidikov deportation hearing tomorrow

Britain has denied political asylum to Uzbek dissident Jahongir Sidikov. If he’s sent back, he will be tortured. Immersion of limbs in boiling water is a favored technique. His hearing is tomorrow. Uzbekistan has been used by the US and Britain for extraordinary rendition. Political prisoners are sent there to be tortured, as documented in […]

Britain to send dissident back to Uzbekistan

Jahongir Sidikov is a member of an opposition party in Uzbekistan. He has been denied political asylum in Britain and may soon be sent back where he will almost certainly face hideous torture. British authorities know this because they’ve sent suspected terrorists there to be tortured for information. Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who was […]

Weasel words from the Torturer-in-chief

Bush admits CIA had secret prisons But he says no one was tortured. As always, one needs to cut through the fog of neocon lies and evasions to get to the truth. First off, Bush says the hideous treatment of detainees at Guantanamo isn’t torture because he defines torture as something only evildoers do. As […]

Craig Murray speaks

Murray was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan who was forced out of his job for exposing the US/British practice of sending politicial prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured. From the intro to the interview First of all, if you’ve read the accounts, you know that the Uzbek government stands accused of boiling dissidents to death, […]

The Net helps Craig Murray

From BlairWatch Another message from Craig Murray: “The government’s deadline has passed, the documents are still on the website and we await the court injunction… Thank you for all your support. Craig” Foreign Office legal action “unlikely to succeed“, The Guardian The government is threatening to sue former ambassador Craig Murray for breach of copyright […]

Craig Murray threatened with legal action

The British authorities are threatening legal action against Craig Murray due to his new book, Murder in Samarkland, which details the US/British policy of sending prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured. They blocked him from putting some of his documenting evidence into the book so he put them online. Now they want those gone too […]

‘Murder in Samarkland’ published

As Britain’s outspoken Ambassador to the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan, Craig Murray helped expose vicious human rights abuses by the US-funded regime of Islam Karimov. He is now a prominent critic of Western policy in the region. He was fired for his trouble, after exposing the US/British policy of sending prisoners there to be […]

Craig Murray on the title of his book

Six weeks after Craig Murray started his job as British ambassador to Uzbekistan in 2002, a packet of photos landed on his desk. Inside were pictures a mother had taken of her son’s mutilated corpse. The young man, a political prisoner accused of having ties to radical Islam, had been tortured, beaten and immersed in […]

Uzbek torture prison

Uzbek court jails opposition activist for 10 years With yet again no effective protest from the international community, another major leader of the Uzbek democratic opposition is packed off to torture camp. Nodira is a personal friend of mine and I am deeply sad. She is not, doubtless, a personal friend of my replacement. I […]

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