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What was the hurry to attack Syria?

Is it really “isolationist” not to risk a new Mid-East war today?  During this lull in the Syria tsouris, we’re hearing way too many beltway blowhards bloviate about something they’re calling “our new isolationism” or “the post-American world” or some other extreme label designed to push a personal agenda. Everyone needs to chill out and […]

A day of U.S. “credibility” at work in Syria

Fake intelligence summaries, rhetorical peace offers enliven U.S. war plan in Syria. What would it look like if a government really knew what it was doing? Lacking a comprehensive, coherent account of rational beings acting in rational ways to work towards peaceful and reliable solutions to difficult questions, we offer here a fragmentary highlight reel of […]

Obama will have his war with Syria, Russia be damned

After a day or so of the Obama Administration being widely mocked and laughed at for its remarkably incompetent, ever changing foreign policy on Syria, Obama now says he’ll probably lob a few missiles at Syria anyway and pretends to assume it was his bumbling that got Syria to agree to give up chemical weapons. […]

US intelligence officers say Syria didn’t launch chemical weapons

That intercepted message of Syria officers talking about the attack was AFTER the attack and showed them in panic that an unauthorized attack had been made. A major where the attack supposedly came from insisted to superiors that all his chemical weapons were accounted for and invited general staff to come and look. The Obama […]

A Syrian Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Congress ready to be flattered into killing more Syrians. When it comes to war, isn’t our account overdrawn?  When the president asks Congress for a blank check for war, why does the Congress fret about setting a limit on war powers instead of just saying: “NO” to any check? What happened to checks and balances (as […]

Jumping the shark in Syria

Bombing fanatics press Obama to exercise Custer-like leadership. Obama’s choice: bend under pressure, or act presidential in Syria President Obama is apparently wobbling on the edge of committing an impeachable offense, specifically a military attack on Syria without the authorization of Congress, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council, and without any imminent threat […]

And it’s 1, 2, 3, what are we fighting for? Syria war looms

Hey, let’s bomb another country because we think they did something heinous, even if we can’t prove it and it could trigger a regional conflict. Even more crucially, let’s have no discernable plan or exit strategy except for needing to blow something up to prove our Exceptionalism. What could possible go wrong with that? “Punitive […]

Mad rush to war based on flimsy evidence in Syria

Bombing may commence as early as Thursday. Maybe the US will even release their supposed evidence by then. Assad is a thug. So are many / most of the rebels. Sending guns and money to them seems singularly stupid and short-sighted. There’s a huge difference here between this and previous “interventions.” Russia is vocally supporting […]

US says Syria govt used chemical weapons, offers no evidence

Apparently no effort is being to determine if the rebels used nerve gas in their own version of a Reichstag Fire as that would interfere with the war pigs having themselves another jolly little war. This is exactly the same type of pretext the US used to invade Iraq. The truth is a casualty here. […]

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