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Romney foreign policy speech short on coherence

The big takeaway from the Romney foreign policy speech on October 8 is that there’s no big takeaway. The Republican presidential candidate’s foreign policy speech does not lay out any coherent foreign policy. Amidst the platitudes and vague generalities, the implied bellicosity and patriotic sentimentalities, there’s no sense of proportion, no sense of scale, little indication of priorities, and no […]

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Romney campaign sucker punches Vermont media on voting issue

(This article was originally credited to Bob Morris when the actual author was William Boardman. Our apologies.) Early Tuesday evening, Vermont Public Radio, (VPR) put out a story about the Romney campaign challenging absentee balloting in Vermont, and got it badly wrong. Other news operations repeated the story, getting it just as wrong in the Burlington Free Press, the […]

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Romney “retired retroactively” from Bain, says adviser

This truly pathethic attempt at spin, claiming Romney retired retroactively from Bain, shows a campaign in deep trouble. If you can’t put forth a convincing lie it’s better to STFU instead. Instead, the Romney campaign is flailing around in panic after Obama’s mild attack ad. (If you don’t think it was a mild ad, wait […]

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I’m voting for Rombama in 2012!

“Obama reveals his philosophy of government – tax cuts, deregulation, downsizing government – and then calls it a sharp contrast to Romney’s!” — Doug Henwood With the exception of a few social issues, Romney and Obama are identical. Both favor endless wars and continual bailing out of corrupt bankers at the expense of the rest […]

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Harbinger of things to come?

Willard Romney, the one-percenter Mormon, won the Iowa Republican Caucus over Christian Fascist Rick Santorum last night by a whooping eight votes… with six votes less than he received there four years ago. Iowa, a state that has in seven of the past nine presidential elections voted democrat. Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky issued an interesting […]

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Romney and Huntsman

Romney is still the one to beat, for sure. Many say Huntsman can’t win because he’s too moderate. Maybe, but don’t count him out. He moves between all the levels of the different political strata effortlessly, is low-key, likeable, and seems to be aided by as yet unseen forces. What people are saying about him […]

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Romney / Bachmann in 2012? And hurray for Iceland!

From the discussions on our podcast last night: Bachmann did well in the Republican debate because she was non-wacko and thus surprised many. However, Romney is still the frontrunner. The nomination is his to lose, even as a recent poll shows Cain (yes, Cain) closely behind him. But Ron Paul was the real winner of […]

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