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Both parties are complicit in our economic collapse

No, that can’t be, some say. The recession is clearly all the fault of the other political party. They are the evildoers. We are the good guys. Actually, no. When it comes to our economic crisis, which was triggered by the cratering of the subprime market, both parties share much blame. The policies and actions […]

The next two years: war between the parties, and war within the parties

Major schisms are forming within both major parties, and last night’s election makes this all the more obvious. There will now be open warfare within both parties, as the factions vie for dominance. On the Republican side, Tea Party candidates did well enough that they can no longer be ignored, denigrated, or cynically exploited by […]

Palin storming Republican Party barricades

She’s threatening to do to the Republican Party what netroots wants to do to the Democratic Party. Storm their citadels and then take over. Republican Party insiders are determined to stop her. It’s not just that she’s unelectable, she’s also a direct threat to their power base, influence, and money stream. So why has she […]

Republican Party cites Taliban as role model

From the LoneStarProject Apologize Pete! Pete Sessions praises the brutal Taliban citing them as a role model for Congressional Republicans. In a bizarre and offensive interview with the editors of the Hotline, Dallas Congressman and newly elected National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) described the Taliban as a “model” for the Republican […]

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