Republican Party cites Taliban as role model

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From the LoneStarProject

Apologize Pete!
Pete Sessions praises the brutal Taliban citing them as a role model for Congressional Republicans.

In a bizarre and offensive interview with the editors of the Hotline, Dallas Congressman and newly elected National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX) described the Taliban as a “model” for the Republican insurgency in the U.S. House of Representatives

No, this is not satire. Sessions really did say that.

Oh heck, let’s bring back waterboarding for any of those Taliban-loving Republicans. I mean, we’re trying to kill Taliban over there, thus we can certainly waterboard their mini-Me’s here. Besides, Republicans have been yapping about how waterboarding isn’t torture at all – why it’s just like taking a bath, they say – so they shouldn’t mind, right?