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Podcast. Gun-walking, CIA rendition, Obama speech

Last night’s podcast started with the growing Gun-walking scandal, where the US Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix allowed at least 1400 weapons and parts for hundreds of grenades to pass from the US to Mexico. Multiple federal agencies may have been involved. The story still isn’t getting the attention that it should. After all, a […]

Podcast tonight. Obama job speech, Republican debate, CIA and Libya

Did Obama’s jobs speech have real substance? If he proposed something, will he actually fight for it? Did Republicans discuss genuine issues or was it just a photo op?Is there a front runner? And of course the CIA was busy being pals with Gadaffi and sending prisoners to Libya to be tortured and killed. Listen […]

Polizeros podcast. Renewable energy problems, too much war

This show ranged all over! Topics included: Solyndra bankruptcy. It will lead to loan guarantees and tax credits for renewable energy being cut and this could well disrupt plans for new grid-scale solar and wind projects. But $537 million got burned through in a year. Republicans want an investigation. As should we all. The brouhaha […]

Polizeros podcast tonight. All the wars, renewable energy funding

Solyndra bankruptcy threatens federal loan guarantees for renewable energy in general. All the wars. The killings and the waste Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says Fraud and waste in Iraq and Afghan wars are stunning 67 dead in Afghanistan in August Dick Cheney’s deranged ramblings Listen to the show live, at […]

Polizeros podcast. Libya, Bank of America, fracking and earthquakes

Topics last night included: Triumphalist liberals proclaim mission accomplished in Libya even as battles still continue in Tripoli and the National Transitional Council draws up a constitution for a strict Islamist state under sharia law. And then there’s the problem of 1000x more loose weapons than under Saddam. Libya is nowhere near being stable much […]

Polizeros podcast tonight. Libya, financial crisis, Irene, fracking

Libya: Assuming the rebels take Tripoli, what comes next? Let’s not forget Dubya’s “mission accomplished” statement on the aircraft carrier when in fact, not much had been accomplished at all. Financial crisis: BofA is in dire shape as are some countries. Bailing out the big banks has made things worse, not better. Hurricane Irene: She […]

Democrats attack lefties. Ron Paul. Polizeros podcast

We had another wide-ranging, fun podcast last night (and the echo sound problem is gone.) Among the topics: We pondered why high-level Obama campaign staffers are attacking the “firebagger liberal blogosphere” while the California Democratic Party purges their progressive caucus for daring to suggest there be a primary challenge to Obama. How very Stalinist of […]

Polizeros podcast tonight. Firebaggers bashed, progressives purged!

Topics Obama administration bashes “Firebagger liberal blogosphere” while California Democratic Party purges progressives.! Big media fellates Rick Perry while ignoring Ron Paul. And the Bush family war against Perry. India corruption protests Google buying Mobility. Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The […]

Polzeros Radio podcast tonight. UK riots, climate change, S&P

Topics Scottish expat and co-host Steve Hynd says “UK riots, yup. As you might imagine, I’ve a lot to say on this topic.” Plus, the financial markets, S&P, Obama’s speech, SuperCongress etc. Let’s call all this “too broke to be exceptional” and add in the looming defense cuts war. Steve lives in Big Spring TX […]

Polizeros podcast tonight. The little Debt Bill that couldn’t, Middle East

Topics: Syria is near civil war. The Libya war drags on. IED attacks in Afghanistan are at an all-time high. Jobs and the little Debt Bill that couldn’t. With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Keith Boyea at, and myself. To listen to the show live, go to Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening […]

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