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Pacficia Radio Network flagship station WBAI lays off 75% of staff


WBAI in New York City is circling the drain and will take down the five station Pacifica network with it. The lunatics took over the asylum years ago at Pacifica and have finally destroyed it with deranged in-fighting, nutcase lefties, and a resolute determination to ignore reality. Pacifica was once a proud, thriving, highly respected radio network. They invented listener-supported radio and its stations in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and New York City once had high ratings and provided independent, non-corporate views of news and events. But psychotic internal politics, endless fundraisers, and increasingly stupid programming aimed at Truthers and touting quack medicine has reduced listenership to crickets. Marxist cultists invaded WBAI (and other Pacifica stations) and succeeded in making things even more dysfunctional.

Approximately 75 percent of staff will be laid off. “We are only retaining those staff critically necessary to operational functions at this station,” she said.

Inquiring minds want to know what they will air considering all news staff and most on-air talent have been fired. Their transmitter atop the Empire State Building costs $50,000 a month and there’s no way they can pay it. WBAI’s six remaining listeners will have to go elsewhere.

Marc Cooper comments on Facebook (He once had a show on Pacifica station KPFK in LA until he was purged in one of the early nasty wars)

This is of maybe marginal interest to a very small and diminishing circle of friends. But the chickies have come home to roost and Pacifica Radio’s flagship station WBAI is laying off its entire staff. It demise will likely sink the rest of the listener supported network. I’m only surprised it took this long. More than a decade ago Amy Goodman and her pals set off a phony “revolution” inside Pacifica, took it over, cut a sweet heart deal for Democracy Now (which privatized itself). Most of the institutional American Left bought the phony narrative and now we have the results… a network on the brink of extinction. BTW, don’t confuse with me someone who cares. I’m merely reporting.

From comments to Cooper’s Facebook post.

When the Red Guards took over the LA station and got rid of the shows I liked — yours, “Heartfelt Music” with John and Deanne Davis, the bluegrass show that came on before the Davises on Saturday morning, etc. — and started hosting their phony “community involvement” pep rally meetings, I switched to satellite radio and never again tuned in to the garbage programmed by those pseudo-revolutionary sociopaths. I hope the whole network dies and gets buried so deep no one will remember its hideous final days.

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The coming collapse of Pacifica Radio

Lew Hill founded the Pacifica Radio network in 1949 in Berkeley. The five Pacifica stations were the first listener-sponsored radio stations in the country and were the model for NPR. Pacifica was left-wing and proud of it. For decades they show others what free speech is about. The archives of their radio shows belong in the Smithsonian. They are national treasures.

Well, at least I hope they end up in the Smithsonian because right now the archives are in desperate shape as is the rest of Pacifica Radio. A June 15 auditor’s report expresses “substantial doubt” that Pacifica will survive. This sad state of affairs has been a long time coming.

Ah, you say, this most certainly must be due to right wing evil agendas, right? Wrong. Instead the collapse of Pacfica into endless conspiracy theories, junk medicine, and psychotic internal politics is due to the inmates running the asylum.

Marc Cooper used to have a show on Pacifica until he ran screaming from the room. Doug Henwood still has an excellent show but it is deliberately being marginalized because he criticized their “disgraceful premiums.” Both are respected lefties with decades of experience.

From a Facebook discussion on Pacifica.

Marc Cooper: Not that anybody’s left to care very much. Pacifica Radio now officially bordering on collapse. And. no, it has nothing do with the CIA or the FCC. It has to do with the network being taken over by idiots a decade ago as the rest of the Left clapped like trained seals. Chickies are now coming home to roost. Good night and good riddance.

Sorry to disillusion you but Amy Goodman is part of the problem. She unethically used her show to undermine the network and to allow the current boobs to take over. As soon as they did, she “privatized” her show, Though created by Pacifica, they gave it to her for free and signed a $5m sweetheart contract with her to fund her with no accountability. Better you not know the ugly truth.

Doug Henwood: Marc nails it here too. Amy and Juan Gonzalez supported the gang of idiots around Bernard White who drove WBAI into the ground. Only to be succeeded by the idiotic Tony Bates, who promoted conspiracies and health quackery. WBAI’s net worth is now over -$3 million. Negative

I originally thought the collapse of Pacifica was due to a conspiracy. It’s not. It is due to the incompetence of the Left made worse by maggots who don’t care what shlock Pacifica is spewing as long as they have a market for their lunatic fringe health remedies and bizarre conspiracy theories on DVDs. (Such drek is used as premiums and the station pays for them plus they get promoted on shows.)

What a sad end to a once progressive institution. But Cooper is right, “Good night and good riddance.”

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Pacifica hires notorious union-buster law firm. Why?

KPFA’s parent organization, the Pacifica Foundation, has hired Jackson Lewis, a notorious anti-union law firm which the AFL-CIO calls “America’s number one union-buster.”

Pacifica, an independent radio station chain owns stations in five major markets. They have a decades long tradition of being progressive and sometimes radical and used to have devoted and enthusiastic listeners. But that’s mostly all gone now. For the past several years Pacifica has been beset by psychotic infighting and now the national board has hired a union-busting law firm, apparently to destroy the worker’s union.

They are losing money. Their recent fund drives have been disasters. This is hardly surprising since they’ve driven away all the good shows and replaced them with conspiracy theory and junk medicine pablum. Listenership has dropped off a cliff and their “solution” has been to hound the intelligent shows even harder, attack the workers, and extend the length of fund drives interminably. Gosh, that’ll be sure to bring back the listeners. Worse, at a time when a strong progressive voice is needed on radio, Pacifica has been absent for years.

Pacifica owns stations in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, and Houston that are are worth hundreds of millions. Why would anyone want to destroy them? My guess is because they want to change the format to commercial drek  or simply sell the stations, and that’s why the existing Pacifica is deliberately being destroyed.

By their actions, the national board now directly opposes everything Pacifica used to stand for.

SaveKPFA.org has breaking news and information on how to help.

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The uselessness of Pacifica and WBAI

JoAnn Kawell on Facebook

What’s up with WBAI? Why aren’t THEY live broadcasting the Wall Street protests. Fer gawd sakes, their studios are right on Wall Street. Shame, shame, triple shame. This is final proof, if any more was needed, that the Pacifica network is completely moribund.

Doug Henwood seconds that

Excellent point. WBAI is run by morons and wankers who are more obsessed with chemtrails and oregano oil than what’s going on down the street from them. WBAI broadcast life from Paris in May 1968. I was transfixed, listening as a 15-year-old in suburban Jersey. What a waste of 50,000 watts.

A once strong and influential progressive radio network has disintegrated into irrelevance and psychotic infighting, most of it self-inflicted.

PS Doug Henwood managed to make it all the way from Brooklyn and has a full report.

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Pacifica violates own rules, takes corporate money

And from the Vampire Squid (Goldman Sachs), no less…

However, outraged listeners have forced KPFA to not cancel Democracy Now.

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The secret Obama-9/11 conspiracy

Marc Cooper uncovers the hideous truth. Obama was responsible for 9/11.

A few days after I posted an blog critical of the decaying Pacifica Radio stations, the comment section was infested by a plague of 9-11 “truthers.”

Their basic argument: the Bush admin either plotted the attack on the Twin Towers and/or allowed it to happen. The buildings, especially WTC7, were not downed by those highjacked planes but rather in controlled demolitions.

Now the REAL truth can be told. The 9-11 Truth movement is itself a conspiracy, a devilishly designed ploy to front for the Democratic Party as anyone, with a brain, knows that real mastermind behind Twin Tower attack was none other than Barack Hussein Obama!

Cooper details, at great personal risk to himself, the fiendish plot by which Obama arose from obscurity to become president by bombing the Twin Towers. This can only mean that the foaming-at-the-mouth fringees at KPFK have been mere pawns in Obama’s evil game to deflect blame or – hideousness of hideousness – they are knowingly complicit with Obama’s Machiavellian scheme and are part of it.

I call for the formation of a new radio station, one that will truly speak the truth, so we can investigate the running dog lackeys at KPFK and their hidden support for the imperialist, CIA-manipulated career of Obama (or whatever his name is.)

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KPFK and KPFA circling the drain

Marc Cooper, who was purged a while back from KPFK, explains how now it really does appear that Pacifica Radio is about done for. There are snarling (and endless) internecine feuds, cratering numbers of listeners, and even a 26 day long pledge drive.

Do you know what 26 straight days of fundraising does to your audience? It obliterates it. A decade ago, KPFK had gotten its annual on air fund raising down to about 30 days a year… three drives of about 10 days each. Now it’s up to four, or is it five, drives per year of 20 days or more! Unreal. And the real moneymakers continue to be truther-like conspiracy premiums and quack cancer and medical “cures.” Disgusting.

This is symptomatic of the far left in general. In too many ways, it is rudderless, adrift, paralyzed by dogma, unable to act in any coherent way that resonates with the public at large. So it fights itself.

Contrast that with the Tea Partiers. Love ’em or hate ’em, they grab media and mass attention, something the hard left is having little success with lately.

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The Pacifica Follies continue

comedy of errors
The WBAI Local Station Board (part of Pacifica Radio) wishes to apologize because their database apparently went kerflooey and restored itself to a year-old backup just before mailing labels for ballots were printed. Thus, many ballots were mailed to the wrong people while other eligible people didn’t get them at all.

Even though the election is hotly contested, with one seriously nutcase faction trying to grab control of the station, this ballot kerfuffle should not be construed as anything but yet another terrible and hideous mistake in the continuing downward spiral of ineptness and paranoia that is Pacifica Radio. But fear not, they hired a “database expert” who magically produced the correct mailing list. (They’ll be mailing them out again once they accidentally lose ballots for those who might vote against the nutcase faction.)

Well, I’ve been programming databases for 25 years, so presumably that makes me a “database expert” too, and I can confidently say their “explanation” is horseshit. Because it was no explanation at all and provided no answers.

Who provided the bogus list? How did such an error happen? Did the database magically restore itself to a backup of a year ago just before they printed the mailing list? Who is the database expert, what are his qualifications, and why should he be trusted? Inquiring minds want to know. And apparently no one thought to double-check an important list like that, eh?

Being called incompetent, no matter how embarrassing, is always preferable to being determined as being culpable.

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What’s happening to Pacifica Radio?


Pacifica, a proudly left-wing independent radio network, has been wobbling noticeably lately. Endless fundraisers. Rumors of ultra-leftists trying to jack the leadership of WBAI in NY. KPFA in Berkeley was riven by factions when we lived in S.F. recently. The programming is suffering too.

On KPFK in L.A. on Friday, Sherry Beale of Healthy Planet Healthy Me fawningly inteviewed one Sheriff Richard Mack, who thinks the Brady Bill is icky and that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix is a swell guy. WTF? Why is this on KPFK and not on the Birthers Conspiracy Show?

Judging from the programs listed on her website, Beale herself doesn’t appear to be right-wing but more from the conspiracy du jour crowd. What new Hideousness are They foisting on us today, that sort of thing. The problem with conspiracy theories is solutions are rarely proposed and after a while it just becomes a miasma of paranoia, rage, and hopelessness.

A hardcore socialist acquaintance in LA once said disgustedly to me after listening to KPFK news, I can hear better stuff on NPR now. That was three years ago too.

Fundraising is down everywhere, to be sure. Pacifica stations are in constant begging-for-money mode. Part of this has to be due to their increasingly inept and scattered programming. Sure, there are gems like Doug Henwood’s Behind The News on WBAI, but for the most part Pacifica is losing focus and listeners.

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