The uselessness of Pacifica and WBAI

JoAnn Kawell on Facebook

What’s up with WBAI? Why aren’t THEY live broadcasting the Wall Street protests. Fer gawd sakes, their studios are right on Wall Street. Shame, shame, triple shame. This is final proof, if any more was needed, that the Pacifica network is completely moribund.

Doug Henwood seconds that

Excellent point. WBAI is run by morons and wankers who are more obsessed with chemtrails and oregano oil than what’s going on down the street from them. WBAI broadcast life from Paris in May 1968. I was transfixed, listening as a 15-year-old in suburban Jersey. What a waste of 50,000 watts.

A once strong and influential progressive radio network has disintegrated into irrelevance and psychotic infighting, most of it self-inflicted.

PS Doug Henwood managed to make it all the way from Brooklyn and has a full report.