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Big banks and law enforcement worked together to attack Occupy

Some are mystified by the concerted government / business attack against Occupy. I wasn’t mystified at all as I was politically active in 1960’s counter-culture and protests. We were monitored then, we are monitored now. Deal with it. It goes with the territory. Seriously. The FBI labeling Occupy as terrorist is more laughably clueless than […]

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Occupy Wall Street one year anniversary

As anyone who ever spent time in Zuccotti Park during the encampment phase of Occupy knows, OWS was in disarray from day one. It continually teetered on the edge of implosion due to conflicting forces within and opposition from police and political forces without. Organized chaos (or chaotic organization) was always OWS’s calling card and […]

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OWS Activists Protesting the RNC/DNC Need Your Help

We have taken our message to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and gotten positive press coverage for Occupy and #S17, but we’re having an issue with getting back to New York City. Plans for buses fell though and at this point 40-45 people are stuck here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re trying to raise […]

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Class war by the rich against the rest of us 2012

While watching the news from Spain, I wonder what it would be like to live there now during the global depression and ongoing class war. Or Greece. Or Iceland, or Italy, or Portugal, or any other country threatened with what I call “national devaluation.” I would be angry. Because I’m not an economist but I […]

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Rent Strike in Sunset Park, Queens

First published here. My local Occupy group, Occupy/Ocupemos Sunset Park, has been immersed in a local struggle, a rent strike in a series of buildings on 46th street in this Brooklyn neighborhood. Here are some of the flyers we’ve been producing for the actions. The strike has been receiving terrific media coverage and terrific support […]

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Where Is Occupy Wall Street Going?

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Andrew Sernatinger (A.S.) with Pham Binh (P.B.) of Occupy Wall Street for Solidarity’s Web zine. A.S.: Where is the Occupy movement going now, especially with general elections on the horizon? David Graeber, the anarchist anthropologist, has shrugged off concerns that the movement is toast now that […]

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Occupy and inviolability of private property

A couple of months ago, I discussed one of the most difficult challenges facing Occupy, the willingness of middle class progressives to rationalize the abuses of the police because they place a greater priority upon the preservation of social order by law enforcement. Such progressives want to square the political circle by seeking a transformation […]

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May Day 2012. General Strike

On May 1, 2012 we will have a “Day without the 99%” We are urging all to not go to work or school, don’t bank or shop, don’t engage in the capitalist system that robs and steals from us; take to the streets and help us create a better world now!

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Federal agents coordinated Occupy crackdown

Newly-released documents confirm DHS and other federal agencies coordinated the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters. I assume liberal blogs who defended the Obama Administration on this will now issue an retraction. Really folks, Obama is no different than George Bush when it comes to stifling dissent and it’s a fool’s game to believe otherwise.

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