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CBO: Obamacare will reduce employment, amounts to hidden tax for some

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a stunner report saying Obamacare will discourage many from seeking full time work and reduce employment by 2.5 million jobs in ten years. Those unemployed or underemployed receive large Obamacare subsidies. If they become fully employed, those subsidies go away and they might actually lose money, says CBO. The […]

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Health Sherpa. Look up Obamacare plans by zipcode

The Health Sherpa makes it easy to look up what Obamacare plans are available to you. Just enter your zip code to see all the plans. You can also display the individual categories of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. If you are low-income be sure to enter your income to see what subsidy you qualify […]

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Keystone Cops

Sebelius orders investigation in failures

Um, shouldn’t the investigation have been ordered in early October, when it was already clear had massive problems and not just before HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ appearance before a hostile House committee? I’d like to know why a third tier company, CGI Federal, was given a no-bid contract, after they’d failed building a similar […]

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Pinocchio still faces problems. Administration in denial

The Obama Administration needs to get honest about instead of making perky comments then immediately backtracking. Crucial back-end functions still aren’t done. Without a functioning back-end, ¬†touting front-end improvements is meaningless. The back-end is dysfunctional at best. The Administration keeps trying to spin this like it’s just a pesky PR image problem. Yet, by […]

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"We are shocked, just shocked."

Enroll America director resigns after James O’Keefe video airs

Mock James O’Keefe at your peril. His videos just forced a sleazy Enroll America director in Texas to resign. Me, I appluad what he’s doing. Tarango appears to be just another compromised politico. Chris Tarango, Texas Communications Director for Enroll America, a Sebelius-linked group dedicated to signing people up for Obamacare, resigned following a Project […]

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Healthcare-Gov-borked nowhere near being fixed

Obama said would have 80% functionality by today, yet 30-40% of crucial back-end work remains to be done. We need a full investigation as to why a third-tier consulting company in Canada got this no-bid contract, especially since they’d already botched a similar health care website in Canada. Technicians are still working on the […]

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healthcare-gov-crash-1 is a security disaster waiting to happen

There are gaping security holes on which probably are already being exploited. A bill collector told me a person’s social security number is the magic key that unlocks all the doors. Cracking will give hackers access to millions of social security numbers, and lots more juicy accompanying data too. Our dimbulb Congress is […]

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