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Taking down the Sinaloa Cartel could be a very bad idea

In the convoluted, collapsing world of Mexico and its government, the battle between the Sinaloa Cartel and Los Zetas is of crucial importance. Both are ruthless, kill and bribe with impunity, and make profits in the billions. So why would anyone want to back the Sinaloa Federation against the Zetas? What the Mexican government can […]

Border Patrol agent killed in Arizona

Watch the latest video at A Border Patrol agent was killed and another wounded, presumably by drug smugglers, in a dangerous drug smuggling corridor in Arizona near the Mexico border. The shootings occurred near the Brian Terry station in Naco TX, which was recently renamed to honor Terry who was killed in the line […]

Barbarization in Mexico Drug War

A sobering view of Mexico drug war violence and the drug cartels by John Sullivan, who is authoritative on the subject. The Mexico drug war has embroiled that country in internal conflict punctuated by hyper-violence, corruption and impunity. The battle for primacy among drug cartels for control of the plazas (lucrative transshipment nodes and routes) has resulted […]

Huge Arizona drug bust just a fraction of smuggling

Federal and state law enforcement recently made three mass arrests of drug smugglers in Arizona, resulting in a staggering amount of confiscated drugs, weapons, and money. In total, 76 suspected smugglers were arrested. Over 20 tons of marijuana, 160 pounds of heroin, 210 pounds of cocaine, almost $760,000 in cash, and 108 weapons were seized. […]

‘Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars’. Sylvia Longmire interview

Sylvia Longmire’s new book Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars has just been released and is available at bookstores today, Tuesday September 27. She is a retired Air Force captain and Special Agent with extensive experience investigating Mexico Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO). She now consults and writes about southwest border violence issues and […]

Criminal (Cartel & Gang) Insurgencies in Mexico and the Americas

“What you need to know, not what you want to hear” Testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere at the Hearing ‘Has Merida Evolved? Part One: The Evolution of Drug Cartels and the Threat to Mexico’s Governance.’ Excerpt (via Zenpundit ….Something very old historically, and at the same time very new, is thus […]

Former Mexico president proposes truce with drug cartels

Given the levels of extreme violence that Mexico is experiencing, former President Vicente Fox proposes the creation of a liaison group of international experts to mediate a truce with organized crime, and the creation of an amnesty law. He seems to genuinely want peace and a return to sanity, along with legalization of drugs, but […]

Mexico casino attacked, burned, many dead

The attackers spread gasoline around the casino then lit a match. Sylvia Longmire says labeling this as terrorism, as Calderon is doing, is a mistake. It was more likely due to rival cartels and casinos being used for money laundering. Yesterday’s attack on the Casino Royale was one of the biggest tragedies we’ve seen in […]

Eight murders a day in Juarez Since January 2008, the Juarez drug cartel, led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, has been in a turf war against the Sinoloa drug cartel, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. This war is for the coveted smuggling routes into the USA. The Americans demand for illegal drugs has led countless weapons and cash to enter […]

How the drug lords took over Mexico

“How else can you explain how individuals running the cartels with almost no education can outpace the US and Mexican intelligence agencies, the Mexican Army and Mexican law enforcement at all levels? There is only one explanation – corruption,” says Anabel Hernandez, author of The Drug Lords. Also, as an FBI agent said about Vegas […]

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