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Iran nuclear weapons. Surely they must exist

There are those who would have bombed or invaded Iran years ago to make sure there would be no Iran nuclear weapons, and their voices are getting louder again as another day of high level talks approaches.  Even though Iran’s Supreme Leader has spent years forswearing nuclear weapons, which he calls a “crime against humanity,” […]

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What a war with Iran would mean

From Irgun veteran turned Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery. Such a war would go far beyond the dimensions of the American invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan, perhaps even of Vietnam. Is the bankrupt US up to it? Economically, politically and in terms of morale? The closing of the strait is the ultimate weapon. I don’t […]

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Polizeros podcast tonight. Occupy, Eurozone, Paterno, Iran

Join David Buccola, reporting on Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sothebys (he’s active in both) as well as Keith Boyea, maybe Josh Mull, and myself. We’ll discuss OWS, the worsening financial crisis in Europe, Joe Paterno, and bombing Iran. Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing […]

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Iran could produce nuclear weapons in two months says UN, Rand

Their conclusion is based on estimates of centrifuge processing in Iran not on any actual missile building. It also is much more precise than previous estimates which estimated the possibility of Iran nukes years in the future. So why the sudden revision in estimates? Iran centrifuges were hit and presumably disabled by the Stuxnet virus […]

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