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Euro house of cards wobbling. Greece a goner

Anti-bailout party rejects Greek austerity pledge.

The Radical Left Coalition is attempting to form a coalition. They probably won’t succeed nor will any other party and new elections are probably forthcoming

Fitch sets the stage: “Greece leaving the Euro would be bearable”

The banksters are determined to loot and plunder as much as possible before the inevitable consequences of their greed and criminality brings the whole house of cards tumbling down.

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France goes socialist. Greece election deadlocks

Parti Socialiste banner in Arles, last october. Credit: Pat H

Socialists in France are about the equivalent of Democrats here but still, the fall of of the odious Sarkosy is welcome news indeed.

The banks’ nightmare is coming true: Greek Left calls for anti-bailout coalition

Merkel and the banksters now have a serious fight on the hands now. The populace in many countries are now officially tired of the “austerity” and perpetual indebtedness foisted upon them by 1% criminals and thugs who benefit by financially raping countries then demanding more money from governments they have corrupted.

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Germany wants to kick out Greece

Germany wants to make Greece an offer it can’t refuse, apparently. But this is just a bailout by another name, i.e. we’ll pay you to go.

This solves none of the underlying problems and is typical for the incompetent criminal class that runs the international banking system. Their short-sighted greed is only exceeded by their stunning inability to do anything useful.

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Germany prepares for Greece default

You read that right. Germany is not only planning for a Greek default, they atr now encouraging it.

Here’s something else that is right.

When debt is more important than people, the system is evil.

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Brussels forcing Greek money in Switzerland back to Greece

Bruce Krasting

A move is being made in Brussels to “force” the Swiss government/ banks to transfer all of the assets of Greek citizens back to the Greek banks. For a Greek this means that your money is hostage. It has been functionally expropriated. It will be transferred into a banking system that is fraught with risk

Instead, he continues, the only real way to prevent capital flight is to fix the underlying financial problems in the country. In such insane circumstances, governments banning ownership of gold is a real possibility. Spain and Italy are next, and their residents have huge amounts of money out of their countries too. The safe haven will probably end up being the US, and the coming chaos and fury at Brussels will destabilize things even more.

Those officials in Brussels have no idea what they are unleashing.

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EU debt crisis negotiations degenerate into chaos and farce

We can feel secure knowing EU banksters are in full command of the situation

Greece PM Papandreou may or may not resign. There was an important meeting of exalted muckety-mucks scheduled but it was cancelled after much confused running around. Sarkyois getting all huffy about Greece refusing to be good serfs and take on onerous crushing debt for decades for the betterment of the bankster/gangster elite.

Credit Writedowns sums it up well with Euro Zone Race to the Bottom.

All of this may and probably will change multiple times throughout the day.

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Greece wants referendum on debt, government shaky

Greek PM Papandreou has called for a referendum in Greece on austerity and bailout measures in a desperate attempt to gain support to enrich the bankster cartel.

Happily, his own government is revolting and a no-confidence vote is planned for Friday, causing banksters worldwide to squeal in panic.

Greece should default. Phuque the banks.

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Polizeros podcast tonight


Who are the global warming deniers? Greece financial crisis. Irish are 10 billion euros in the red due to fall in tax revenue, now want to be sharia-compliant financial center of Europe (you read that right.) Syria barbarity. Western-backed barbarity in Libya, Ivory Coast. Murder of Syed Shahzad, Asia Times journo, in Pakistan.

To listen to the show live, go to Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:30 PM PT (9:30 PM MT, 10:30 PM CT, 11:30 PM ET.) You can download it or listen to the archive on BlogTalkRadio after it’s done.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Josh Mull (@joshmull) and myself.

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Banksters on the run

Greece may default, Ireland can’t sell more debt, Spain may fess up to hiding debt. Norway has frozen loans to Greece. Protests against banks are spreading.

The banksters may no longer be able to force countries to pay for bonds that banks knew were dicey and never should have bought in the first place. Instead, bondholders may (and should) be forced to take writedowns on their “investments” whether they like it or not. Insolvent banks must fail rather than forcing people in debtor nations like Greece, Ireland, and Spain to prop up their rotting, corrupt corpses.

It seems the banksters believe in harsh capitalism for everyone but themselves. Hey, bonds can be risky and writedowns are always a risk. Insolvent entities should fail. That’s what capitalism is about, right?

But not for the banksters. They want everyone else to bail them out, always and continually. But their game may be ending soon.

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European Central Bank. Greece must suffer so bondholders prosper

There will be no restructuring of Greece debt because that might hurt the banksters. Goodness, we can’t have that, better that an entire country be impoverished instead.

“‘A Greek debt restructuring is not the appropriate way forward — it would create a catastrophe’ because it would damage the banking system” said ECB Executive Board member Juergen Stark before slithering off leaving a trail of ooze behind him, searching for new countries to rape and impoverish.

Bonds are by definition an investment where you can lose money. European banks knew damn well Greece was cooking their books yet bought dicey Greek bonds anyway. If the debtor can’t pay, it is common for bondholders to take a haircut on their investment. But this is not allowable from the corrupt greedheads at ECB who instead want Greek citizens to pay for investments the banks should never have made in the first place.

Greece should simply default. Call the bankster’s bluff. Iceland did and is recovering.

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