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Google+. Google gets social networking right this time

Google had two abortive attempts at social networking, Buzz and Wave. Both got a bit of buzz then disappeared beneath the waves. Google+ is different. It’s fun to use, powerful, has features Twitter and Facebook don’t, and perhaps most importantly, shows no sign of slowing down a few weeks after it was introduced. The early […]

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Is Google becoming a power utility too?

In addition to installing 1-gigabit-per-second broadband in Kansas City, Kansas, Google is teaming with Kansas City Power & Light to expand the service across the state and to Kansas City, Missouri. Google is also investing in a project to build 350 miles of transmission line off the Atlantic from Virginia to New Jersey to handle […]

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Google invests in California mobile biofuel refinery

CoolPlanetBiofuels has received $20 million in funding from Google Ventures and other venture capital funds. The Camarillo-based business is developing innovative mobile refineries that turn biomass, agricultural leftovers, and wood processing byproducts into useful biofuel. This is quite separate from biofuel originating from corn, which has deservedly come under attack for being expensive, unworkable, environmentally […]

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We need better search. Google is now too spammy

Increasingly people are finding their searches on Google leads to spam sites gamed to appear at the top of the results. Google needs to change this, and fast, says entrepreneur turned academic Vivek Wadhwa in a TechCrunch post that is attacting major attention. Is Google the Next Yahoo? asks Silicon Valley Insider, noting it is […]

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Google pays 2.4% in taxes via loopholes

Gimme a “Double Irish” and a “Dutch Sandwich” please, says Google and other tech companies. These tax ploys allow them to pay tiny amounts of tax as they shuttle profits around the world, sometimes through companies that have no employees. All this is quite legal, utterly unfair, and shows how our taxes need tightening. This […]

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Search Google with your iPhone camera

Google Goggles is now available as an iPhone app (for 3GS running iOS and 4) as part of the Google Mobile App. Just tap the camera button and it will analyze the image and return search results. Right now it works mostly for landmarks, logos, and books, but in a couple of years, it will […]

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Google does evil

Google and Verizon ‘near deal to end net neutrality’ So much for Google’s “do no evil” corporate philosophy. Their CEO publicly supported net neutrality as recently as February too.

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GoDaddy follows Google, stops doing business with China

As we learned when studying the case of the dancing hippie, it’s the first follower that “transforms a lone nut into a leader.” May many more follow. Freedom is always better than repression and coercion. China has every right to set rules about what happens inside its borders. However, companies working there also have every […]

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