Google+ gaining momentum

Google has acquires a social networking company specializing in group management.

“You can guess what’s next for Google+”, says Leo LaPorte (on Google+, of course)

Comment by Brian Turner

Sounds like a nice acquisition by Google. Let’s see where it goes. Keep in mind that Google is treating G+ with a make-or-break mindset, so it’s pulling out all the stops to make sure that G+ succeeds.

Google, suddenly, is acting like a hungry startup coming out of nowhere with something new and different. Indeed, Google+ is taking social networking where it hasn’t gone before.

Google+ has been in beta for a few weeks now, and the early techie adopters haven’t gotten bored and moved on after dissecting it. Instead, they continue to be excited by it. People are writing add-ons, a sure sign of an active and engaged user community. Scoble mentioned recently that the G+ team is so enthused by the repsonse that they’re moving quickly to add new features. Group management will certainly be one of them.

Groups, whether they be a team at a company, bloggers, or hobbyists, can use G+ to post group messages via Circles and have group video meetups with Hangouts. You can do this now. Imagine what G+ will be able to do in a few months. After all, it only has 18 million users now. Soon it will be hundreds of millions.

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