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European media publisher fears Google power

Many news sites are highly dependent on ad revenue from Google. Yet Google’s Borg-like control over search, video, email, and mobile, as well as advertising is making media giants nervous. The chief executive of Axel Springer, one of Europe’s largest media publishers, has said that his company is afraid of the power that Google has […]

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Google launches Virtual Virtual Reality to combat Facebook Oculus Rift

Google introduces Virtual Virtual Reality, openly mocking the coming virtual reality Facebook  powered by Oculus Rift, calling it a “tired paradigm”. Instead, Google Virtual Virtual Reality will “enable participants to use multiple identities at once, swapping them at will”, as well as the ability to assume the identities of others, even cohabiting the same persona with […]

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Google and the NSA. Way worse than you think.

Assange: Google Director of Ideas Jared Cohen is effectively a State Department Director for Regime Change, directly running secret missions. Eric Schmidt’s book is a mechanism for Google to project itself into DC. Schmidt’s visit to him was equivalent to a visit from the State Department, and included many of the same people. Google’s ‘Do […]

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Google sites and products I use regularly

Adsense Adwords Analytics (hit monitoring for Polizeros and my website clients) Calendar (it sends me text messages for appointments, etc.) Chat Chrome browser Feedburner (RSS feed for Polizeros) Local business (For website clients) Google+ Gmail Maps News Reader (I read 300+ feeds in it) In other words, Google is basically indispensable for my online and […]

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You can now make phone calls inside GMail

Calls within the US and Canada are free until the end of the year. (Not available in all countries yet.) Mobile developers think Google+ will challenge Facebook In addition to Google Plus’ impact on mobile growth and adoption, developers also said they believed Google Plus could catch up to Facebook in the long-term. Two-thirds said […]

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Google+ is going to be huge

(This is the first in a series of posts this weekend about Google) Google got it right the third time around with their new social networking product Google+. I find myself spending more time on it and less on Facebook and Twitter. Why? Because it just flows better. It’s easy to find topics and people […]

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Google+ as a primary news source, and more

I first learned about the Norway bombing and murders on Google+. So did Scoble. So did lots of people. Images and videos appear as part of the feed, unlike Twitter, and there’s no 140 character limit. On Facebook, what you see is filtered, so you may not see all of someone’s posts. This doesn’t happen […]

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Google+ gaining momentum

Google has acquires a social networking company specializing in group management. “You can guess what’s next for Google+”, says Leo LaPorte (on Google+, of course) Comment by Brian Turner Sounds like a nice acquisition by Google. Let’s see where it goes. Keep in mind that Google is treating G+ with a make-or-break mindset, so it’s […]

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Do you google naughty / dangerous / political stuff?

Well then, get thee to Google Web History and delete your search history. You did know that Google carefully saves all your searches, right? All your little quirks will be there, staring you in the face. “Naked midget tap dancers wrestling in Jello” indeed. But you can erase them, and even tell Google to stop […]

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