Google launches Virtual Virtual Reality to combat Facebook Oculus Rift


Google introduces Virtual Virtual Reality, openly mocking the coming virtual reality Facebook  powered by Oculus Rift, calling it a “tired paradigm”. Instead, Google Virtual Virtual Reality will “enable participants to use multiple identities at once, swapping them at will”, as well as the ability to assume the identities of others, even cohabiting the same persona with others simultaneously.

When tech journalist Boris Brom asked Google why anyone would want to do that, especially considering VVR will primarily be used to created glorified faux shopping centers, a Google spokesperson became agitated, replying “Like Edmund Hillary, because it’s there.” Further, he said “Visionaries are always mocked by the unimaginative” then strongly implied Brom would ever not be permitted in Google Virtual Virtual Reality as it will only be accessible to those receiving a Google Passport, and that Brom clearly did not and would never have the proper qualifications.

When Brom inquired “When did Google become a country requiring a passport, and will you still be sending our data along to the NSA”, a Google DNE Robotic Sentry escorted him to the door.

Rumors that Apple will be introducing i3V (Virtual Virtual Virtual Reality) are as yet unconfirmed.