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Bloggers broke foreclosure-gate while MSM snoozed

This precisely echoes how it was bloggers who broke the subprime story, while the mainstream media initially mocked them while doing nothing. Then finally managed to stumble across the story after bloggers did the hard work for them. WaPo profiles the bloggers at whose determination and research ignited foreclosure-gate. But, as it too typical […]

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Forclosure and mortgage fraud news

BofA denial over foreclosure-gate Pimco, NY Fed wants to force BofA to repurchase garbage mortgages. Pimco manages hundreds of billions in bonds and is a very big dog indeed Chicago sheriff says no to enforcing foreclosures. This is the same sheriff who a while back refused to evict renters who were in homes that were […]

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Foreclosures, fraud, corruption. The news keeps coming

It’s happening: The Right is turning against Wall Street. Specifically Tea Partiers, and in opposition to the Republican Party too. More, please. Smoking gun: New evidence of How Wall Street shafted pension funds by misrepresenting mortgages; Rep Miller calls for full audit of Fannie Mae Calculated Risk details how foreclosure mills were pumping out thousands […]

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The little Maine house that triggered foreclosure-gate

The foreclosure docs were robo-signed by an ethics-challenged drone at GMAC who said he ‘signed’ 400 a day and never reviewed any of them. GMAC calls this a “technicality” as does the Obama Administration. The stock markets would beg to differ, as banking stocks got clobbered today as everyone realizes just how serious this fraud […]

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Krugman. Do we still have rule of law?

The mortgage mess is making nonsense of claims that we have effective contract enforcement — in fact, the question is whether our economy is governed by any kind of rule of law. The fix is in, and at a very high level indeed. One set of laws for the banksters (i.e. no law at all) […]

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Banksters hired burger-flippers to robo-sign mortgages

At JPMorgan Chase & Company, they were derided as “Burger King kids” — walk-in hires who were so inexperienced they barely knew what a mortgage was. At Citigroup and GMAC, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on home foreclosures was outsourced to frazzled workers who sometimes tossed the paperwork into the garbage. The response […]

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49 states to investigate foreclosure-gate

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration says this is just a record-keeping problem and they expect it will be straightened out soon. Hey, that’s just what one of their bankster buddies says too! JP Morgan also says not to worry about this silly foreclosure-gate “blip.” Apparently 49 Attorney Generals of states would disagree with that

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White House to America: We won’t stop foreclosure fraud

In case anyone has any lingering ideas as to where Obama’s loyalties lie. I get a sinking feeling hearing that the White House is encouraging a bunch of liars and cheats to “reconstruct” paperwork. I thought that was the big problem: banksters and their hired guns are making up documents and lying in affidavits and […]

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