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Wireless recharging for vehicles in transit in Korea

South Korea has achieved a major breakthrough of wireless recharging electric vehicles while they are moving, eliminating many drawbacks for EVs like charging time and finding recharging stations. Wireless recharging could be a game-changer The first two OLEV [Online Electric Vehicle] buses are operational this year. At the end of the year, Gumi City plans […]

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EV company Better Place closes down

Electric vehicle manufacturer Better Place made cars with swappable batteries. Drive into a Better Place outlet and they’d swap your battery in minutes, just like filling up with gas. But their cars were expensive and so were the swapping facilities. Their concept got traction in small counties like Israel and Denmark where conceivably a dozen […]

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Department of the Stupid. States plan hybrid, EV taxes

Hey, let’s encourage people to buy electric vehicles and hybrids because they’re all squeaky green and non-polluting then tax them extra for doing so. Yes, special hybrid and EV taxes will be sure to increase sales of these vehicles. Texas and Oregon are considering doing this, based on the dubious logic that efficient vehicles use […]

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