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Toyota iRoad. Getting home after using public transport


Public transportation is a great idea. Sometimes though, you may live a few miles from the stop. Why drive a car when you can drive an iRoad? This is the niche Toyota wants to fill.

The iRoad is similiar to a motorcycle, offers protection from the elements, and has an electric engine. Plus it could be shared, like in bike sharing programs now. It’s being tested in Toyota City in Japan and soon in France.

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Solar power and electric vehicle stocks from 1910’s

Solar Furnace and Power Co. stock certificate

What goes around comes around. There were numerous electric vehicle manufacturers from about 1890 to 1920, as the Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corporations stock certificate and Baker Electric Vehicles ad show. And there were even attempts at solar power as shown by the Solar Furnace and Power Co. stock certificate.


Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corp stock certificate


Baker Electric Vehicles advertisement


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Wireless recharging for vehicles in transit in Korea


South Korea has achieved a major breakthrough of wireless recharging electric vehicles while they are moving, eliminating many drawbacks for EVs like charging time and finding recharging stations. Wireless recharging could be a game-changer

The first two OLEV [Online Electric Vehicle] buses are operational this year. At the end of the year, Gumi City plans to start rolling out more, aiming to have ten on the ground and running by 2015.

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PG&E plug-in hybrid trucks bring power to work crews, neighborhoods

Credit: viamotors.com

Credit: viamotors.com

This is a seriously smart idea. Electric-powered hybrid trucks bring power with them when there’s a power outage. The truck IS the generator.

The purpose of a utility-owned plug-in hybrid truck includes the ability to carry a crew, supplies and tools to a job-site—mostly using electric power rather than gasoline—and then for the truck itself to act as a generator to power the crew’s tools.

If the plug-in hybrid work truck’s generator can deliver 125 kilowatts, the crew could hook it to a grid segment and re-power an entire neighborhood.

VIA Motors introduces it’s game-changing full size electric vehicles at the historic Salt flats powered by new electric technology that provides up to 402 “electric horses” under the hood setting the new standard for trucks and clean transportation

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Flash charging electric bus system tops off charge in 15 seconds

TOSA is the first full electric articulated bus that runs without overhead lines. With it’s so called “flash charging”, it recharges at the bus stop along the route in a record time of 15 seconds.

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EV company Better Place closes down

Credit: Better Place

Credit: Better Place

Electric vehicle manufacturer Better Place made cars with swappable batteries. Drive into a Better Place outlet and they’d swap your battery in minutes, just like filling up with gas. But their cars were expensive and so were the swapping facilities. Their concept got traction in small counties like Israel and Denmark where conceivably a dozen or so well-situated facilities would suffice for most buyers. But a country like the US would require thousands of facilities and this lack of infrastructure was their biggest stumbling block and the company has shut down completely.

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Department of the Stupid. States plan hybrid, EV taxes

Ouch, that makes my brain hurt

Ouch, that makes my brain hurt

Hey, let’s encourage people to buy electric vehicles and hybrids because they’re all squeaky green and non-polluting then tax them extra for doing so. Yes, special hybrid and EV taxes will be sure to increase sales of these vehicles.

Texas and Oregon are considering doing this, based on the dubious logic that efficient vehicles use less gasoline which means less gasoline sales tax revenue for them, so therefore the only possible solution is to invoke special taxes for those being innovative. Never underestimate the power of governments to be mutton-headed.

From the comments at AutoBlogGreen:

Brought to you by your local Exxon supported state representatives.

The main effect on Hybrids will be a massive reduction in sales of Hybrids that get >54 MPG.

EVs are selling well below 1% of vehicles. Targeting them now will have no real effect on improving state revenues. In fact it will likely cost the states more money to set up the bureaucracy than they will get from the paltry number of EVs.

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New York City plans 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations

Bloomberg  EV
Mayor Bloomberg wants New York City to have 10,00 new electric vehicle charging stations in seven years. There are currently a mere 2,069 EVs registered in the city. So, if they build the beginnings of a charging network, will more people buy EVs? We will see…

The proposed charging stations will take just 30 minutes and some of them will used by Nissan electric taxis. But is a 100-125 mile range enough for a taxi on an 8-10 hour shift? Dunno. Seems like they’d have to recharge at least once during a shift and constantly have to be be checking their charge. “Oh sorry, I can’t take you to JFK airport because the taxi would run out of juice on the way back.”

Hmm, this means the rich in NYC could find it much easier to find parking spaces by the simple expedient of buying an EV since the new parking spaces would presumably be EV-only.

Yeah, I’m a bit skeptical of this since it seems quite expensive, only a few would benefit, and the future is probably in hybrids. An EV might make a good car to zip around Manhattan in. However, owners will need their own charging stations in their garage at night.

The video show how EVs are still in their infancy. Smartphones apps let EVs owners find charging stations and determine if they are available. That’s a nice (and essential) app to have. However, if you are driving around Manhattan on a busy day running errands or going to business meetings, do you really need the hassle of locating a charging station then waiting 30 minutes? What’s the advantage of this over a hybrid for a driver?

And if by chance EVs really take off and there are 100,000 of them recharging at any given time during the day in New York City, then maybe we will need new sources of electricity too.

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DOE awards $120 million for next-gen electric vehicle battery research

This could be the Manhattan Project for EV batteries.

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Smart Fortwo re-designed (limited edition)

Autoblog has more on the electric Smart Forjeremy by designer Jeremy Scott

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