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Fracking uses enormous amounts of water in our driest areas

Fracking uses upwards of millions of gallons of water per well in ten of thousands of wells, often in the driest parts of the country. This is deranged. Short-term profits are being allowed to create long-term damage to water supplies and communities. The water used in fracking is mixed with various noxious and dangerous chemicals, poisoning […]

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Water wars happen in Connecticut too, not just the West

We’re headed back to California after several days in Connecticut. We talked with a local farmer about water wars. He knew about the Sacramento Delta and the coming mother of all water wars there over California Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to shunt water away from the Delta via two huge tunnels. Connecticut faces nothing like […]

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Drought Monitor. Still extreme in some areas

The East – West divide is quite pronounced, isn’t it? Virtually all the West is in drought except for the northern border. The heartland and parts of Texas have been in Exceptional drought for way too long. Worse, water forecasts this year for California snowpack, the Colorado River, and the Rio Grande are way below […]

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