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Xeriscaping. Low water usage doesn't mean barren or drab.

In drought areas, the big problem is grass – lawns, golf courses, parks

In Las Vegas, as well as in other drought areas, lawns and grass use 70% of the water. Grass in semi-arid areas and deserts can no longer be tolerated. There are too many people and not enough water. Xeriscaping creates attractive landscaping in homes and parks and conserves water use. Grass is not needed. Neither […]


California Central Valley race to the bottom to drain aquifers

The plight of Central Valley farmers fallowing land and frantically pumping water from wells not knowing when they will go dry is their own damn, greedy fault, says a California water blogger. I have absolutely no sympathy for this predicament. It could not be more directly or more blatantly self-inflicted. This is the direct result […]


Fracking uses enormous amounts of water in our driest areas

Fracking uses upwards of millions of gallons of water per well in ten of thousands of wells, often in the driest parts of the country. This is deranged. Short-term profits are being allowed to create long-term damage to water supplies and communities. The water used in fracking is mixed with various noxious and dangerous chemicals, poisoning […]


Sacramento CA area imposing mandatory water rationing due to drought

December is generally when the rains come in California. Not this year. The drought continues. The Folsom CA reservoir is just 20% full. The city has implemented a mandatory 20% reduction in water use, as has the county for unincorporated areas. Sacramento and Roseville are expected to do the same next week. This year will […]

Calif Gov Brown wants task force to determine if there’s a drought?

Multiple reservoirs in California are at extremely low levels. This year could be the driest on record. Yet Gov Brown is balking on declaring a drought emergency. Huh? Groundwater pumping in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley is causing land to sink. Several small reservoirs are nearly dry, at 5% of capacity while major reservoirs are […]

Water wars happen in Connecticut too, not just the West

We’re headed back to California after several days in Connecticut. We talked with a local farmer about water wars. He knew about the Sacramento Delta and the coming mother of all water wars there over California Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to shunt water away from the Delta via two huge tunnels. Connecticut faces nothing like […]

New Mexico towns that prepared have fewer drought problems

Some small towns in New Mexico have run out of water, others haven’t, mostly it appears, because they were prepared for drought and had reduced consumption. But like Sherlock Holmes’ curious case of the dog that did not bark in the night, a key part of the story of the drought of 2013 in rural […]

Remembering the Hohokam in a time of severe California drought

The Fresno Bee considers the severe California drought, especially in the Central Valley, and ponders the fate of the Hohokam. Drought is a slow killer. But efficient. Give drought a decade and it can permanently drive humans from a region they may have inhabited for centuries. Ask the Hohokam. The San Joaquin Valley is in […]

Drought Monitor. Still extreme in some areas

The East – West divide is quite pronounced, isn’t it? Virtually all the West is in drought except for the northern border. The heartland and parts of Texas have been in Exceptional drought for way too long. Worse, water forecasts this year for California snowpack, the Colorado River, and the Rio Grande are way below […]

Lake Mead and Lake Powell lowest level since Powell was filled

jfleck brings baleful news about water levels in two crucial lakes, Lake Powell and Lake Mead, that feed into the Colorado. Ever the journalist in search of gloomy extremes, I just noticed that total storage in Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the two largest reservoirs used to manage flows on the Colorado River, is currently […]

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