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Desertec plan to power Europe with Africa renewable energy blows up

An internal dispute over governance has irrevocably split two major bodies in Desertec. Their plan was to have massive amounts of renewable energy in the Middle East and North Africa power Europe. Among the problems were the scope of the project, internal disputes, plunging costs of solar photovoltaics, charges of colonialism, and building ginormous water-slurping […]

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Desertec plan to power Europe from North Africa solar in peril

Desertec is a consortium of large corporations and governments that wants to build humongous concentrated solar power plants in North Africa and the Middle East that would power Europe. I’ve always thought the Desertec plan was a bit dicey, given the its obvious overtones of colonialism and exploitation coupled with using CSP rather than photovoltaic. CSP reflects the heat […]

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Desertec. Solar power from Africa to Europe

Desertec is a set of plans for a massive network of solar and wind farms stretching across the MENA region and intended to connect to Europe via high voltage direct current transmission cables (which are supposed to only lose 3% of their electricity per 1000km, or 620 miles) This mammoth and ambitious project plans to […]

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