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You can’t go forward by going backward

The New York Times today reports that Europe, which will meet its Kyoto obligations by purchasing pollution credits from other countries, is turning back to coal. Europe will construct 50 new coal plants over the next few years (that’s about what China constructs in six months). Yikes. Just when the planet needs less carbon in […]

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Burning the future. Coal in America

Burning The Future: Coal in America – Trailer from coalmovie on Vimeo. Burning the Future: Coal in America, a brutally honest documentary film, examines explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the Coal Industry and residents of West Virginia. Our heros demonstrate strength of character in their fight to arouse […]

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Coal power and nuclear power

The Oil Drum points out that while coal is falling into disfavor in the US, it is widely used by developing countries because it is freely available and cheap. The reality is that many of the nations that are switching to coal to provide the power for the next 20 years or more are doing […]

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Banking giants develop ‘The Carbon Principles’

Three of the world’s biggest banks have drafted the framework for assessing carbon risks in the financing of coal-fired power plant projects. Clearly, they don’t want to fund a coal project then have it blow up in their faces some years down the line due to increased carbon emission regulation. While they’re doing it to […]

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