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Protect Bryce Canyon from Big Coal

Big Coal and the City of Los Angeles are threatening Bryce Canyon National Park. They’ve proposed building a 3,500 acre coal strip mine right next to the park to extract coal to power L.A. If built, the mine would turn southern Utah into an industrial zone — jeopardizing the park, tourism, and the health of local residents.

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That’s me among the hoodoos at Bryce. It’s worth saving. California piously and hypocritically bans coal plants within the state. Los Angeles pretends to be deeply focused on renewable energy yet gets substantial power from coal plants on Indian land in Arizona and New Mexico and even proclaims they are phasing out coal. Yet Los Angeles wants to despoil gorgeous land in another state just to get more coal. As Daffy Duck says, “you’re despicable.”

The Chinese coal monster

The Oil Drum

Like everything else in China, coal production statistics are simply immense. China now consumes and produces close to 50% of all the coal in the world. Thus, changes in Chinese consumption and / or production may have a dramatic impact upon the global coal market.

If their production ever lags consumption then they will have a recession (which would affect the world economy), they buy coal on the world market (jacking up prices) or they go to nuclear power in a major way. China is installing massive amounts of renewable power, but their consumption is soaring too, and unfortunately there’s no way renewables can do it all for them.

Does the US want to remain “The Saudi Arabia of Coal”?

The pro-nuclear power Atomic Insights Blog on why coal is dirty, pollutes massively, and is a poor energy source in the first place.

Coal is an inherently dirty fuel that is naturally contaminated with many dangerous and polluting chemicals. It has a relatively low energy density, even when compared to its fossil fuel competitors. That low energy density means that producing large amounts of power requires moving vast quantities of often difficult to reach material.

Instead of proudly continuing to burn more than a billion tons of coal each year, the US should show the world the way to cleaner electricity production by building new nuclear power plants and shutting down coal-fired boilers.

They link to the Coal Free Future Project and their new multi-media play that will be touring soon.