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NASA did not say civilization will end soon due to climate change

A widely circulated headline from Policymic says a NASA study concludes we are doomed. The headline is misleading. The report was a NASA-funded study written by Safa Motesharrei, an applied mathematician at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center. I bet you never heard of them or him. There’s a good reason for that. SESYNC, a small […]

The World in 2050 is what we make today

When at the Morgan Hill, CA Library, I normally scan the new books section looking for something interesting. The last time I did this, I discovered The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future a look at the future by Laurence C. Smith, Professor of Geography at UCLA. It is an easy read, […]

Climate Change: How bad can it be?

It is easy to become lulled into intellectual somnolence by the seemingly gradual changes we are incurring in our weather. After all, just how bad can a couple of degrees be? Oh, we wake up every once in a while when our catastrophe leads media reports on some hurricane, flood or tornado, especially if the […]

Cool It. The Movie. A new approach to climate change

In Cool It, Bjoern Lomborg says current climate change initiatives are based on fear and that new approaches are needed. He says he admires Gore’s documentary since “his movie made us all aware of climate change”. However, “it did so by creating panic, and we need to move on from that”. I agree. The carrot […]

Massive storm hitting Illinois, shutting down O’Hare

I hope you’re not flying today. Because when O’Hare shuts down, it corkscrews the entire air transit system. A monster two-day storm is hitting the area with winds up to 60 mph and sustained gusts of 35 mph. “The storm system will be one of the most powerful we have seen in this part of […]

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