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Biofuel now largest power source in Sweden

Sweden extracts pyrolysis oil from wood to create synthetic fuel that now powers much of the country. Amazing, Sweden’s forest stock has increased despite the use of wood for biofuel. Forest residue is the leading bioenergy source in Sweden, and bioenergy is the nation’s leading energy source. Since the 1970s when 70-80 percent of Sweden’s […]

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Federal court overturns EPA biofuel mandate

The EPA biofuel mandate requires ever increasing amounts of cellulosic ethanol be used in fuel. However production has been nearly zero. The court ruled EPA had overreached in their mandate. A federal appeals court threw out a federal rule on renewable fuels on Friday, saying that a quota set by the Environmental Protection Agency for […]

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Guatemala farmers forced off land to make room for biofuel

State security forces in Guatemala are forcibly evicting peasants from their land so biofuel companies can make green, clean biofuel for our cars. Wow, that’s just totally environmentally sustainable, isn’t it? Helicopters with armed men leaning out were flying overhead, private security guards and paramilitary forces were attacking people, and houses and crops were being […]

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Biofuels 14x to 31x more costly than raising the gas tax

A study released by Oregon State University (OSU) economists indicates that the biofuels currently mandated and under production in Europe and the United States “barely reduce fossil fuel use and. . .likely increase greenhouse gas emissions.” They´re also 14 to 31 times more costly than taking other measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Well, this […]

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