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Censoring a cartoon

Local “newspapers” The Bend Bulletin and The Portland Oregonian are censoring this week’s Doonesbury cartoon strip about Texas’ (and other’s) state enforced rape pre-abortion ultrasound laws. And yawl’ thought we were just a bunch of mamby-pamby liberals around here. Here’s what’s in the strips (read them online here): Monday: Young woman arrives for her pre-termination sonogram, is told to take a seat […]

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Vatican ok with step-father rapist

Sometimes you just get the feeling the Vatican clerics have never even read the Gospels. The Vatican says the mother of the 9 year old who got her an abortion after the child was raped and impregnated by her step father should be excommunicated but the step father needn’t be. I guess the Vatican is […]

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The moral low ground

When your moral principles dictate that state coercion be used to force a 9-year old girl to seriously risk her life by giving birth to her rapist’s child, you really need to get new moral principles.

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Catholic Church continues lurch back to Dark Ages

A nine year old in Brazil was impregnated by her step father. Her parents got her a legal abortion as Brazil law permits in cases of rape or health risks to the mother. The Catholic Church has made a great show of excommunicating her mother and doctors, even after Brazil’s president criticized them for doing […]

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