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Oregon protest was cartoonish, inept, not professional

11 February 2016

I was once a member of a group in Los Angeles that organized dozens of protests on multiple issues, most notably on the Iraq War. Some of our antiwar protests drew hundreds of thousands. Our enemies said we were professional agitators. We took that as a compliment. Even LAPD had a grudging respect for us […]

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No such thing as single-issue struggle

Intersectional feminism. Is Gloria Steinem now clueless?

09 February 2016

Alt-hero, author, and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson said as we age we must fight ferocious battles with ourselves to avoid becoming calcified, resistant to change, and scornful of new ideas. He never succumbed, staying alive to new ideas until his death. By contrast, Gloria Steinem apparently gave up that fight long ago. Sometimes the revolutionary […]

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Some EFTs are deliberately filled with toxic slop

07 February 2016

Some EFTs apparently are little more than¬†sewer catchments for Wall Street to sell risky junk to then foist upon an unsuspecting public as solid investments. Astonishingly, many of them have no physical assets but instead own risky and deliberately opaque financial instruments like swaps which a retail investor has little hope of understanding. This of […]

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Renewable energy 24/7 from turbines in water pipes

06 February 2016

Rentricity has the novel idea to put turbines in water pipes where the water flows downhill, providing a 24/7 source of renewable energy. Drinking, irrigation, and industrial water users are their target market. This is micro-hydro, small amounts of electricity is generated. However, it can be enough to help power a water treatment plant, as […]

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Multiple indicators show the economy is ailing, weakening

04 February 2016

The restaurant industry is contracting. This is bad news for the millions employed by restaurants but also a serious indicator that people are cutting back on discretionary spending. When times get tight, dining out is one of the first things to go. Restaurant industry suddenly tanks, worst plunge since the beginning of the financial crisis […]

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OTEC renewable energy development continues

03 February 2016

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion doesn’t get much notice. However, especially for islands, it is a reliable way to generate renewable energy 24/7. OTEC creates electricity by using the difference in temperature between cold water at lower depths and warm water at the top, and can generate prodigious amounts of power. Makai Ocean Engineering says all […]

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Once King now Idiot Child, Yahoo is circling the drain

02 February 2016

There was a time Yahoo owned the Internet. They were the portal everyone went too. That’s one of their many problems. Yahoo keeps trying to be a portal again, apparently clueless the Internet has moved on. No one goes to portals now. First came the onslaught of search engines, and now social media is dominant. […]

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Federal panel for pain killers has ties to big pharma

01 February 2016

Gosh there’s no conflict of interest here. Nearly a third of members of the federal Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee have financial ties to companies selling opoid drugs. In a shocking coincidence the panel has strongly opposed federal plans to recommend doctors scale back on prescribing legal heroin. Because that’s what these opoids are. Our […]

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Woo Themes. Canvas

Woo Themes Canvas for WordPress

31 January 2016

I’ve been hunting around lately in WordPress, determining what to do next. Have decided to focus on Canvas, the flagship theme from Woo Themes, which was recently bought by WordPress. Themes are the look and feel of a website. Woo has dozens of themes, which often have specialized purposes. By contrast Canvas is designed so […]

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Google data center

SCM disrupting data centers. Now CPUs could be bottleneck

30 January 2016

It used to be computing and software development assumed CPUs are fast, storage is slow, and thus CPUs would spend time waiting for much slower hard disks. Architecture of data centers is based upon that assumption. However, this is rapidly changing. Storage Class Memories (SCM), the non-volatile flash memory found in smartphones, is now so […]

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