Eurozone rejects Greece request for bailout extension

27 June 2015

Let’s be clear. The only reason EU wants to lend money to Greece is so Greece can pay back earlier loans. EU big banks and central banks then would not have to mark-to-market the toxic slop on their books. This is all about pretend-and-extend to protect their dicey institutions and has nothing to do with […]

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Driverless cars have major unsolved problems

26 June 2015

Not to rain on everyone’s happy dance about the wonderfulness and inevitability of driverless cars, but I will anyway. Driverless cars are nowhere near ready for mass usage. Serious unsolved problems include 1) identifying and reacting to pedestrians, animals, construction workers on or near the road. Will a driverless car be able to recognize that […]

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Empty fuel gauge

U.S. computer industry being killed by greedy executives

25 June 2015

Cringely deftly dissects the real problem with American business; the short-sighted greedy idea that goosing the stock price is what is best for the company. This Randian idea leads to deranged business “strategies” like using profits to buy back stock, thus inflating the stock price but doing nothing for growth of the company. Stock buybacks […]

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Black Oak Arkansas. Albert Hall

The Confederate Flag, Ethan Allen, and regional differences

23 June 2015

Symbols change through time. The Confederate flag at one time was often a symbol of pride in being southern and a fine way to make Yankee heads explode. I saw Black Oak Arkansas perform in the 1970’s in Chicago and during the show lead singer Jim Dandy, grinning hugely, waved a ginormous Confederate flag. I […]

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Cincinnati homes after being restored

Bringing back Cincinnati one building at a time

22 June 2015

Parts of Cincinnati have been in serious decline for years. However, one building at a time, the area is coming back. For $15,000, less than the price of a car, you can buy a beater of a building, then restore it. Lots of people are doing so and formerly bombed-out areas are coming back. Look […]

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Near North Hollywood subway station

Bad craziness coming to North Hollywood subway station?

21 June 2015

Up In The Valley, a thoughtful photo blog from the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles, looks at the North Hollywood subway station and sees the area deteriorating. We lived in the Valley in 1993 when the station opened. It was squeaky clean new and quite safe. Now, maybe not so much? And this […]

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Greek money market outflows

ECB pushes for Greek regime change to protect its own banks

20 June 2015

Greeks are pulling money of Greek bands into cash at an accelerating rate and also transferring it to offshore money market funds. Monday is crunch day. Will Greece fold, agree to ECB “austerity (AKA “impoverishment”) or do a Grexit from the euro? So far, ECB has been propping up the banks. If it refuses to […]

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Keystone  Cops RR tracks

OPM data beach. Our government is almost comically inept

18 June 2015

The Congressional hearing about how OPM managed such stupendous incompetence that highly confidential security clearance data was stolen was utterly predictable. OPM officials, who are┬ápolitical appointees with little apparent grasp of technical issues, said the theft was very sad and they need more money to fix antiquated systems. Congresscritters got angry. OPM was penitent. Nothing […]

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Garage door insulation is super easy to install

17 June 2015

It’s been 106-108 this week in Vegas. Our south-facing garage has been baking because heat comes right through the garage doors. Happily, garage door insulation is simple to install and really cuts down garage heat on a baking day. It also helps keep garages warm in winter in cold areas. DIY home improvement videos showed […]

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The Water Knife

Eat leaden death, junior rights water thief!

15 June 2015

The Water Knife. Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines! In a near-future when water wars are more than legal and political, screw with Las Vegas water and you will get killed, The opening scene involves the general counsel for the Southern Nevada Water Authority winning a court curtailment order against an Arizona community whose junior water right […]

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