Hawaii OTEC

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant goes live in Hawaii

27 August 2015

Hawaii, a leader in renewable energy out of necessity, just opened their first Ocean Thermal Conversion Energy Power plant. It is a test plant that will power 120 homes. Much bigger plants are coming, with the potential to power 100,000 homes. OTEC power, unlike other forms of renewable energy is available 24/7. Essentially, it is […]

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Oct-DEc US precipitation outlook

Precipitation outlook improves for most western states, not California

25 August 2015

The 3-month precipitation outlook shows above-average probability for much of the American West, including Colorado, source of crucial Colorado River water. Southern California will get more rain, however the rest of the state, where most of the water storage is, will get normal or less. This is a three-month outlook for Oct-Dec, and does not […]

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China stock market crash tweet

China stock market crashes, down 8.5% today

24 August 2015

The Shanghai Composite got demolished today, dropping 8.5% in one day, triggering selloffs in European markets and here too. (US futures are down 4% before the open.) Chinese officials are calling it Black Monday. Government intervention in their market to boost prices has now failed completely. “I think there is now growing realisation – domestically […]

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Hey, it makes a great PR slogan.

Google router requires giving Google access to your net

23 August 2015

Google’s new router is indeed innovative. It has thirteen antennas, switches constantly to find the best channel, and more. However, it does automatic updates and monitoring from the Google mothership, and apparently quite a bit of seriously creepy snooping around. End users have no control over what Google does, what it looks at, and what […]

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Las Vegas never stops reinventing iself

22 August 2015

Las Vegas never rests. The casinos are always renovating, innovating. 64% of Strip casino revenue now comes from non-gaming activities like entertainment, shopping, food, nightclubs, etc. In a way, casinos are like startups, not afraid to reinvent themselves or try something new. The Tropicana sale for $360 million has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission. […]

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Shower of the Future, changing filter

Shower recycles and heats water

21 August 2015

An innovative new shower purifies and reuses water, reheating it in the process. Potential water and electricity savings potentially can be large, especially in big households. The technology is the same as used on spacecraft. Downside is it is expensive and requires a bathroom remodel if not installed as part of new home construction. Hopefully […]

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Credit: Amy Quinton, Capital Public Radio

Groundwater pumping causing California Central Valley to sink

20 August 2015

California has mostly nonexistent rules regulating groundwater pumping. Other western states regulate the amount of water that can be pumped up from wells. California’s negligence here (and it is negligence) combined with the ongoing nasty drought is causing land to sink at unprecedented rates in some areas of the agricultural Central Valley. Oh, California did […]

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indentured servants

College students. Now you can become an indentured servant!

19 August 2015

Students: forget about those pricey student loans! Now you can pay for college by pledging shares of future income. Wow, what could possibly go wrong with that? Former Indiana governor and Purdue President Mitch Daniels thinks Income Share Agreements are a swell idea and the university will be offering them soon. His hype is almost […]

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unintended consequences

Mexico attempt to stop cartels shows why US strategy in Middle East doesn’t work

17 August 2015

Attempts by Mexico to stop drug cartels by taking out leaders is seriously backfiring because the unintended consequence is that cartels then split into pieces, with each piece generally more vicious and violent than its predecessor. So instead of a few big targets there are extremely virulent smaller ones. This process is similar to what […]

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Sylmar Reservoir black rubber balls

Los Angeles water balls are expensive, not meant to reduce evaporation

16 August 2015

Those water balls that Los Angles sent into Sylmar Reservoir got misinterpreted wildly, with much gushing about how the water balls slow evaporation. That’s not their primary purpose. The balls prevent treated water from “biodegrading into undrinkable water” due to UV rays from the sun. Evaporation is very much a secondary benefit. The balls last […]

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