I don’t care how much I pay, gonna ride my poo-powered bus every day

22 November 2014

The Bio-Bus will go into service in Britain next next, shutting people to an airport. It runs on biomethane derived from food waste and human poop. The company says that by using the alternative energy source, its new bus will also put out less carbon emissions than those powered by traditional diesel engines. The biomethane […]

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San Diego, San Francisco Bay planning toilet-to-tap water reuse

21 November 2014

In urban areas where water is scarce, it just makes sense to clean wastewater and make it drinkable again. Las Vegas has done this out of necessity for years. All household water including what is flushed down toilets is cleaned up, pumped back into Lake Mead and reused over and over. There is no yuck […]

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You first. The thought of eating insects bugs me

20 November 2014

Yes, I know. The world needs more food. ¬†Two billion people already eat bugs. So why shouldn’t we fussy eaters in the West join in? “Waiter, another order of spider leg fries, please, and a grasshopper burger too.” The UN thinks this is a fine idea so maybe we should too? Yum. Will Whole Foods […]

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Rand Paul voted against NSA reform bill to block renewal of Patriot Act

19 November 2014

The headlines are seriously misleading. Yes, Sen. Paul voted against the NSA reform bill. He did so to prevent the extension of the Patriot Act expiration date. Paul has been a steady and vocal champion of civil liberties and is the only senator who pointblank said NSA officials lied under oath while testifying to the […]

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Democrats focus on urban voters, ignore suburbs to their peril

18 November 2014

Damn it, those foolish voters are moving out of urban areas to the suburbs. This is so not what Democratic elites want. Voters need to stay in the cities and be attentive to issues their betters, the supposed elites deem worthy. Alas for Democrats, they’ve blown it once again. Voters just aren’t being obedient. Democrats […]

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Jonathan Gruber. Poster child for urban liberal arrogance and sleaze

17 November 2014

Joe Bageant wrote eloquently about how urban liberal contempt of rural voters, Southerners, and Republicans has hurt Democrats hugely. Jonathan Gruber’s condescending comments about stupid voters is simply more proof of the, well, stupidity and mindless hubris of out-of-touch Beltway Democrats and their fellow travelers, who fancy themselves to be mightily clever but in reality […]

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Washington State health care exchange breaks after just a few hours

16 November 2014

The apparent calamity that is the Washington State health care exchange would be comical were it not that people wanted to, y’know, sign up for insurance. The exchange broke down mere hours after opening, and apparently has problems with the most basic of functions, like simple math. The website began open enrollment and was shut […]

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Will the people of Imperial Valley jump or get pushed?

15 November 2014

The heavily agricultural Imperial Valley in California borders Mexico. Virtually all its water comes from the Colorado River. Water wonk David Zetland explains how climate change (and changing political conditions) will depopulate the area. The Imperial Valley gets 20% of all water from the Colorado River. Las Vegas, despite a much larger population and economic […]

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Miller’s Law. Something we all might want to follow

14 November 2014

Ever notice how contentious political discussions online probably wouldn’t be that way if the participants were discussing things in person? Heck, they might even like each other. Being online magnifies differences. Miller’s Law seems a good way to go. Assume that viewpoints contrary to yours make sense to that person. You don’t have to agree […]

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24% of millenials with student loans expect debt forgiveness

13 November 2014

Nearly one quarter of millenials with student loans are living in a dream world where they expect banksters and the government someday will swoop in and, poof, their crushing load debt will be disappeared. Good luck with that kids. In the meantime, they can forget about buying that first starter house. Wouldn’t a better idea […]

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