Bad craziness in Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, coming to Saudi Arabia

25 January 2015

We are going through extraordinarily unsettled times. US interference in Libya and Yemen certainly helped create the chaos in those countries. No one in Ukraine appears to be paying much attention to what the US says or tries to do. And the thug kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now becoming encircled by unfriendly insurgencies. Libya […]

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Venezuela nears default. Maduro spouts useless platitudes

24 January 2015

Venezuelans hoping for concrete plans from Maduro about their escalating financial crisis instead got mindless blather. He said “God will provide” after a ten day worldwide trip begging for money and higher oil prices. He got neither. Venezuela faces $11 billion in bond payments this year it cannot possibly make. An economy mismanaged for years […]

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What America hasn’t learned: If you occupy a nation, you will get shot at

23 January 2015

Conversely, if you leave a country you have been occupying, they will stop shooting at you. The excellent Small Wars Journal succinctly explains what the antiwar movement has always assumed and what our leaders refuse to accept. If you occupy a country, you will be seen as an occupier, the locals will band together to […]

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Our coming content-free presidential race

22 January 2015

Read current articles about our coming presidential race and you will discover the focus is on the horse race with little if any discussion of actual issues, except for how they influence polling data. Issues by themselves are not worth discussing by MSM. They only care how issues affect the horse race. Does Hillary’s stance […]

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Our supposedly impartial journalists are lackeys for elites

21 January 2015

George Monbiot nails it on the craven state of our pretend journalism. Those who are supposed to investigate elites and their crimes instead run interference for them. The same is true of politicians and D.C. insiders. Too often they are angling for cushy well-paying private sector jobs after public work and aren’t about to upset […]

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Some passwords are so obvious they don’t need to be hacked

20 January 2015

SplashData has released their list of Worst Passwords for 2013¬†and in a stunning upset, “123456” has beaten “password” and is now #1. Really? Even sillier, people sometimes use the application as a base for the password. Here’s a Pro Tip. If you are accessing Photoshop online, your password should not be “photoshop” or “abode123″, it […]

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Kansas aqueduct would cost $18 billion

19 January 2015

I’m guessing many Kansas farmers who want the damn government out of their bizness are the very same farmers who want the government to finance a hugely costly aqueduct / canal to send water to them. Indeed, we all mostly want the government out of our lives until we need it to do something for […]

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On portraying the Prophet and being offended

18 January 2015

The furor of Islamists at Charlie Hebdo appears politically motivated rather than based on religious beliefs. I would be willing to bet large amounts of money that AQ and IS leaders do not follow their own Draconian rules and instead are mainly concerned with money, power, and women. I was raised Catholic and have seen […]

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Small wind turbines are cute and mostly useless

17 January 2015

Little bitty wind turbines appear virtuous, creating green power so everyone can feel good about them. In reality, they generally way underperform their specs due to turbulence on the ground and bad design. For reliable wind power, ginormous turbines, especially offshore where the wind is more reliable, are by far more efficient. Wind turbulence and […]

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Banksters hover while Venezuela starts circling the drain

16 January 2015

When Venezuela runs of of money to pay debt and import goods, which will happen soon, it becomes prey for banksters across the planet. Venezuela’s sovereign debt default is coming. Ominously, there are huge lines everywhere there now for food and basic supplies, if they can even be found. Inflation is soaring. The economy is […]

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