The United States mimics the Ministry of Silly Walks

08 October 2015

Club Orlov finds the collapsing American Empire comical. And in a dark way, it is. Serious societal upheaval in the U.S. is coming. It will happen when the populace, politicians, and chattering class realize other countries are either ignoring or mocking it. China already is mostly ignoring U.S. blustering. Putin recently spoke about the U.S. […]

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All hail recycling, it will save the planet. Well, maybe not

07 October 2015

Recycling is not a panacea, even as it makes one feel virtuous. However, the benefits are not nearly what most think they are. Some high quality trash like certain cardboard, paper, plastics, and aluminum cans are worth recycling. Everything else, not so much. Recycling is expensive. The falling price of oil (what plastics are derived […]

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Maybe mass shooters are not crazy, and more like terrorists

06 October 2015

Is a mob enforcer crazy? How about a suicide bomber? What they do often takes serious planning. It’s not random or spontaneous at all. Mark Manson says maybe we’re looking at our mass killers in the wrong way. Maybe they’re not crazy at all. Maybe they’re just psychopath killers whose methods are indistinguishable what terrorists […]

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california water allocation

Water flows to money in the banana republic of California

05 October 2015

Respected water wonk David Zetland details how California’s system of allocating water is broken, corrupt, routinely allocates more water than it has, and resembles a banana republic. Yes, there’s a drought. However an antiquated system of water law that is gamed by the wealthy to the detriment of the general public makes things worse. In […]

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America has a big problem with gun violence

04 October 2015

America, could we just admit our murder rate by guns is so high it is deranged? Maybe part of the problem is a national psyche that thinks violence is a good first response and where we still admire the wild west ethos of shoot first and ask questions later and the law be damned. And […]

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Our ‘Wild West’ delusion is literally killing us

03 October 2015

Lone lawmen did not go into wild west towns, chase out the baddies, then restore law and order. That only happens in Hollywood movies. Many sheriffs who allegedly cleaned up towns were thugs themselves. This fantasy makes for great movies, but unfortunately the cowboy ethos is embedded in out national psyche as something to be […]

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Salton Sea

California does little as Salton Sea smell and toxic dust apocalpse nears

02 October 2015

If an inland salt water lake 35 miles long and 15 miles wide dried up, releasing toxic dust and reeking odors for 100-150 miles around into highly populated and wealthy areas, then that would be apocalyptic. That’s exactly what will happen if the Salton Sea in southern California dries up after 2017, if a new […]

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U.S. creeps towards offshore wind, could start soaring

01 October 2015

The United States still has no offshore wind, mostly due to pointlessly complicated permitting regulations coupled with NIMBYs who think renewable energy is just a wonderful idea so long as they don’t have to look at it. However, the very first U.S. offshore wind, the Block Island Wind Farm off Rhode Island, is finally being […]

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No Agenda podcast #760

No Agenda: How to have a successful podcast with no advertising

29 September 2015

The No Agenda podcast with Adam Curry and John Dvorak uses a value for value model to support a great podcast that deconstructs the media and our omnipresent propaganda machines. It does so with no advertising. There are two shows a week, each about three hours, and is entirely supported by users. (Unlike NPR, there […]

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VW protest. No more lies

Volkwagen doubles down on lies, blames low-level employees

28 September 2015

The continuing criminal enterprise called Volkswagen is stonewalling, pretending low-level engineers phonied up emission controls and top management knew nothing about it. Such evasion is comically absurd. By their arrogance and stupidity, top management at Volkswagen is guaranteeing criminal investigations worldwide as well as crushing class action suits and huge fines. By now, many of them […]

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