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Martian Central Bank interested in buying trillion dollar coin

Marvin Martain

More on the trillion dollar coin caper.

A smaller cadre of analysts suspect the cnaively believes the fantasy that the arbitrary creation of assets, either via platinum coins or electronic entries in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, creates actual value. Though this credulity borders on the fantastic, these analysts point to the many commentators in the U.S. who have bought into the platinum coin fantasy.

The White House is now denying they will mint a trillion dollar coin thus there must be more truth to the story than we thought.

  • William Boardman

    What is “actual value” anyway?
    Just a competing belief system?

    • Bob Morris

      Exactly. That’s why I don’t get gold bugs. Gold is valuable because some say it is, just like dollars.

      • DJ

        Ammunition, on the other hand, has intrinsic value based on usefulness. lol.


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