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Company knowingly ships peanut butter with salmonella in it, says FDA

The FDA has shut down Sunland Inc. for multiple violations after their peanut butter caused a Salmonella outbreak. What’s worse is that Sunland apparently knew the peanut butter had salmonella in it. Deliberately shipping toxic food endangers lives everywhere. The parasites running the company need to be wallpapered with criminal indictments.

This was organic peanut butter. Thus, not even eating only organic food can protect us from the maggots of the marketplace who put personal profit before the lives of others.

“Between March 2010 and September 2012, at least a portion of 8 product lots of nut butter that Sunland Inc.’s own testing program identified as containing salmonella was distributed by the company to consumers,” says the FDA.

  • DJ

    This once again reinforces the truth about food: regulation is no substitute for local knowledge. Know your farmer, know your food.


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